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William Bezek amazes me. I do not know what he goes by to his friends and family, Wil, Bill, Willy, Billy, Bez, etc., but what I do know is for a man that I have never met, he amazes me. I may find myself saying that about many artists but each one amazes in their own way. Bezek seems to have a  sense of his surroundings that many wish they could. He see’s things, he sentiments them,  he creates them, at least from what I can see from across the internet.

So his newly posted Voodoo Queen is another to add to the list of amazement’s.  I won’t write about her anymore than to say you must go to his site to read the story he has written and to see all of the pictures that go with her.

Here is a taste, clicking on the picture will take you to her blog entry:

hallow art_07

hallow art_14

Lauriebeast at Halloween Forum
Lauriebeast’s Photobucket

Presenting… da da da daaaaa… Laurie Beast!! This woman is amazing with paper mache and air dry clay, let alone anything she sets her mind to creating. Yes, I am worshiping her :::bows::: Yes, I want her skills. Yes, I am oh so jealous. Enough already… let me show you why.

The Bride

Vampiress Morbidia

Elfula Helmet – WIP but its gonna be great!!

Pumpkin Rot 

The original Pumpkin Rot himself… the man’s imagination is beyond words. Many have taken his ideas and modified in their own attempt at his greatness, but I have seen no one come close to being his equal. Yes we all know that others have their own very masterful ways but Rot still holds the stage when it comes to scarecrows.

The Shadow Farm

I have loved Dave’s work for sometime now and have only oogled at his props from afar. Now that I have a source for scream-outs, and that he decided to re-post some of his work over on Halloween Forum, I just had to jump at showing him off.
Do I know Dave? No.
Would I like to know Dave? Well hell yeah! I have no Artist friends that I can sit and work with, being in Alaska and all.

Sid and his horse drawn hearse

The bottle lady

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