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The day I finished Cucur I started work on Mauly. Mauly is a small female companion to Cucur. She will be partial height, roughly 3ft tall and may be holding hands with Cucur… you will have to watch and see.

More photos of Mauly and photos of Cucur can be found in the Gallery.

Here are a couple work in progress pics:

Mauly - starting to get the pose rightMauly - looking up

I’ve finally gotten Cucur finished. Only took 4 hours of hand painting to get him done…phew. Layer on layer on layer… don’t like that layer, re-layer, layer. Needs more highlights, layer.

So the paint went: Black base coat, dark brown heavy dry brush, lighter brown dry brush, grey’ish dry brush (didn’t like that layer, had to much blue tint), Antique white light dry brush over grey. I’m not putting a sealant coat over the paint. I did seal the mache with Polyurethane so I’m not worried about him falling apart. Why am I not sealing him? I can’t find a sealant that is not shiny, even though it says ‘Flat’ or ‘Matte’ it always tends to be shiny.

Oh, and I attempted to use tissue paper on this guy, not toilet paper but the tissue paper that you use in gifts. It doesn’t absorb for nothing and is so slick it is hard to get a texture.

I’m posting all the pictures I’ve taken so far over in The Gallery, I need to get some night shots but since I live in Alaska and its not fully dark until about 10pm,  it’s a bit difficult.

He stands 5′ 6″ and will either stand with the wooden stand or can be slid over rebar.


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