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If you haven’t listened to Hauntcast… go do it. If you don’t…well, your not one of the cool kids. We will shun you, point at you, throw rotten pumpkins and egg you on Halloween.

This is what Chris had to say for this episode of Hauntcast:

Featuring G/Host Chris Baker with the Scream Team at his side running amuck with Haunt Community News, Audio Reviews, Prop Questions, Redonkulousness, Music, Prop Spotlight, and Interviews with the Sculptress of Scare LaurieBeast Franklin & Glen Blin of the East Coast Haunt Club Gathering.

Laser Vortex
Pete’s & Steve’s Laser Vortex How-To
LaurieBeast’s Sculptures
Glen Blin
East Coast Haunt Club

What is this Hauntcast I speak of? It’s the most awesome podcast for Home Haunters! If you don’t drink Miller beer, then you are not worthy. Just kidding… or am I?

Hauntcast is Chris Baker, Revenant (he could read to me anytime!), Johnny Thunder, The Garage of Evil guys, Steve and Geoff with Letters to the Garage and surprise guests, which normally consists of some awesome home haunter(s).

You must check these guys out… there are 6 shows to date and if you are like me you will have all the shows downloaded so that you can listen to them over and over.

Click the above banner to go to the site… go there, go there NOW!!

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