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I’m still recovering from the surgery I had July 25th. I tell ya, I’m not a spring chicken anymore! Uff-da!! BUT, I’m getting there!! I’ve only had one gut flare up since the surgery, so hopefully that means I have a bit of a handle on what to eat and what to stay away from.

The creation bug has hit again and I think it brought friends. I’ve started on the decorations for work, have a Diorama Pumpkin in the works, along with a almost complete art doll. The decorations for work will be a haunted ghostly 8ft long (by 24″) table that I will have mainly greys, blacks, whites, with a smidge of orange. The back drop, hanging on the wall, will be two 36″ x 48″ canvas’s that I have covered in Victorian Damask fabric, that is distressed to look like failing wallpaper. I have a paper chandelier (since it is a drop ceiling I can’t have too much weight), then I am making 5, or so, Dusty Mites which are little 6″ poseable dolls to go here and there in various forms of mischief.
My brain feels better now that I’m acting on my ideas, instead of letting them all swirl around endlessly in my noggin.

Ruffio is doing great. Come November 2nd he will have been with me a year, that is when I started fostering him, but his Gotcha date is February 15th. The little stinker is coming out if his shell more and more and its awesome to be part of his transformation.

Fama is doing well. Her last CT scan showed the tumors have shrunk slightly and there are no new ones. She is going to take about a month off of the Chemo, to take a break, since she has had 11 treatments so far on this second round of Chemo, which it will be 14 total before the break starts.

Obviously Washington isn’t happening by the October 1st date that I had set. I’m spending yet another winter in Alaska, but this will be my last. I know, I said that last winter, but this time I’m much closer to wits end and for my own mental and physical health, etc., I have to put my foot down. If Fama is with us, then she can come and stay with me in Washington and then come stay with my brother here in Alaska.

I will try to post some WIP pictures of what I’m making…

Are you looking for spooky fabric or possibly some awesome wallpaper? Wrapping paper, maybe? How about some spooky based bottles or Halloweeny stuff?

You have got to check out The Calvarium on Spoonflower for the Wallpaper, Fabric and Wrapping paper!. Jeremiah Witting is the designer, and yes he hand draws his designs. He also has an Etsy story where he sells bottles, tombstones, and the like.

I met Jeremiah, although briefly, while at West Coast Haunters Convention. We chatted while I was taking Monsters picture at his shop. I did, rather quickly, parooze through his fabric samples, mainly because I knew I would want to buy buy buy everything!! I did tell him though that once I get moved down to Vancouver, WA and get the new house, I will definitely be buying from him! Shipping to Alaska is well… not going to happen.

I wish the best for him and hope his stuff takes off like gang busters!! He is awesomeness all wrapped up in a human package.

You can follow the man himself on Facebook here
If you go here you can Like The Calvarium on Facebook… which is a total must if you want to see the new designs that are coming out.
The Calvarium Etsy store can be found here.
…or… best yet, you can go over to Spoonflower and BUY his stuff!!! The Calvarium on Spoonflower

Here are some samples of his work… and Monster wanted to make an appearance.


Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC

Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC


skullflower Damask - white

Skull Flower Stripes 2 - orange



I’m back on track, ahem…again, to get The Whimsy Attic website created. I had the previous idea of creating an attic like site but have shifted gears, yet again. I’ve decided that to get this complete I must simplify my idea, the previous idea would have entailed much photoshop’ing and creating.  The newer idea will require photoshop’ing and creating but to a much less degree.

The other point to this, this will allow me to create business cards to match and I have an idea for having a Trade show/Craft show booth that will also be very similar.  Win win win.

Now to search the interwebs for the Victorian wallpaper I need…

I get excited about moving down to Vancouver, Wa. and then realize everything I need to do. Since I really don’t have a ‘set in stone’ date, but had originally said it would be October 1st, mainly because I DO NOT want to spend one more horrid winter in Alaska, I really need to start having garage sales and clear the clutter, before that time comes.

I am A.D.D where ideas and creativity are concerning. I can seriously be distracted by anything shiny, rusty, grungy, ghostly, etc and off I go in a totally different direction.  It isn’t a bad thing, but when it comes to completing something, well… things tend to sit half finished or not started at all. I seemed to have let that creative “run amokness” spill over into my regular daily activities. Must focus grasshopper!!

As an example of my Amokness…Since recently being at West Coast Haunters Convention, I have the convention bug. I want to have a booth to sell my stuff. I don’t want just any booth though, I want it to be snazzy and eye drawing. So lately my brain is full of ideas to make a portable booth design. I already know what I kinda want it to look like but need to get the little details down. Now here is the catch… I’m all excited about making a booth but it all has to wait until I’m living IN Vancouver! Why brain, are you wasting time NOW trying to figure this out? See what I have to deal with!!?

So focus I must. I need to start a Garage Sale pile, and get rid of things that I really don’t need/want any longer. When I move I don’t plan on taking the couch or king sized mattress, that needs to be replaced anyway. There will be select pieces of large furniture and then stuff. The large portion of stuff will be the craft room. Oh lawrd, the craft room! I think I will throw out the two bookcases I have, which were freebies on craiglists, and find better ones once down there.

::: jeopardy music plays :::

Talk about focus! I just spent the last couple of hours forgetting that I was writing this blog post and went surfing around Facebook, looking at more WCHC pictures! ::: face palm :::


I’m going to try my bestest to blog more. I have got to get this thing rolling again…


I thought I was going to be doing blog posts while I was AT West Coast Haunters Con but that didn’t happen. I was like a kid in a candy store and it was all I could do to take more pictures than I did last year. I was giddy, excited, restless, overwhelmed… off my rocker with joy, about sums it up. This years Convention was the awesomness! I can’t wait until next year!

I went about taking pictures in a different way this year. I added in Monster. Monster is a small dog toy that belongs to Ruffio. The reason I brought him this year was due to Ruffio having to stay home, plus I have brought Monster to work with me on days that were overly stressful and I needed something in the way of a Service Animal, heh!  Monster has become my go to for stress relief. No, I don’t stuff him in my mouth and squeak squeak squeak the stress away, although I have done that when playing with Ruffio.

Monster gained a following quickly while at the Con and I had been asked by a couple of people if I was going to make him a Facebook Page. so I did. You can follow The adventures of Monster here: https://www.facebook.com/RuffiosMonster

Before I post a few pictures from WCHC, I wanted to mention how I feel about moving down there. I have been researching apartments to live in while I figure out where I want to buy a house. I was looking, online, in and around Vancouver, WA and stumbled upon Slate Ridge in Fishers Landing. Of course online photos can be misleading. so Fama and I headed out to drive around that area. We stopped in the Slate Ridge Leasing Office and spoke to the rep there, for some time, and she showed us different apartments. I love Slate Ridge!! It is a bit expensive but I will be paying for peace of mind for living in a nicer area and they have a small movie theater that can be reserved, pool, gym, dog park, etc.  So one check mark off the To Do list for living there, and hopefully an apartment will be available when I need it. I will still need to find a job, but something tells me to wait and something right will come along. Of course, I will not wait too long and plan on creating full time once I am down there.

As for the driving in a big city, I have no problems driving around down in the busy Portland area. It just feels right. Yes there is traffic, but there is traffic here too and the drivers up here are a-holes.
I mentioned on Facebook that I feel out of place now that I am home. Driving down streets that I have driven on most of my life and I feel like I’m… just not in the right place. An Oregon friend on FB mentioned, you are physically in Alaska but your soul is down here. That is literally what I feel like.

I will get there, the psychic medium at WCHC told me so. Not only will I get down there and do very well, but I also must start creating! She said my soul needs it and aches for it. Which I already knew 🙂

Now for a few pictures… If you want to see more pictures you can go to Monsters Page and look in his Photos for the West Coast Haunters Convention album.

You may recognize a few of these guys if you watched Face Off on Syfy. Angie Hill took First Place at the West Coast Haunters Costume Ball, for the second year in a row!


Roy Wooley – http://www.roywooley.com/




Robert ‘RJ’ Haddey – http://www.rjhaddy.com/


Nix Herrera – http://www.nixbodyart.com/


Angie Hill as Medusa w/Monster – http://aranamuerta.com/




Posting from the plane….Yay!!!!! 5 hours of sleep, driving will be fun! Thank gawd for GPS!

*update* I just realized that what I typed sounded like I was flying the plane. Ummmmm no.

Tomorrow, Fama and I will arrive in Portland, Oregon!!! We are going on a scouting mission for me to find an apartment in an area that I am comfortable in AND to go to WCHC!! Wooo Hooo!!! So many people I can’t wait to see again, and the new ones I get to meet finally!

I’m almost packed, only the few things I have to throw in tomorrow after the shower. Ruffio has been dropped off at daycare and I MISS HIM!! Not sure how I’m going to sleep without my little snuggle butt.






A couple of years ago I did a post on the Spadena House, aka the Witch House, you can find that here. Dennis sent me an email sharing the pictures of his completed 1/2″ = 1″ scale miniature, which are awesome! He does not have a website but you can see the pictures on his Facebook page Dennis Nordman.  He will be showing the house at the Chicago’s International Miniatures Show in April http://www.bishopshow.com/chiinfo.htm

Here are a few pics of his awesome creation, you can also find the WIP’s on his Facebook page here

done w 7 1900217_1451951841705745_1628737698_o 1961736_1451951908372405_1810928966_o 1962498_1451952068372389_585205604_o 1149686_1451952108372385_562425419_o




If you’re friends with me on Facebook you are aware that I plan on moving to the Vancouver, Washington area and have set a date of October…and if we aren’t FB Friends, you are now aware. Heh. I have been overly tired with Alaska, in many many regards, for years now. The weather, the isolation, cost of living, and on and on. There really is no haunt community up here and although there are many artists, they tend to all drift towards the tourist industry, which is Alaskan themed items. Yuck I say, but understand that is the theme that is the money maker here. …and again Yuck I say!

So the move… I was born and raised in Alaska, with the exception of living in Alabama for roughly 6 years when I was a wee Lass. Alaska is a different creature of a state and there are many a things to learn when I move to America, as the Fam lovingly calls it. Like what? You may ask, well… pest control for one. We do not have fleas, ticks, fire ants, house ants, snakes, lizards, smaller destructive mammals like mole’s, raccoons, etc. At least none of these things listed are a problem in that we have to be proactive about it… mainly because we are in a frozen state for much of the year. Yes we have mosquito’s that can carry off a small dog, and of course we have large wildlife. Tit for tat I guess.
My other concerns are: getting to know the area to find a ‘good’ place to live, finding new doctors, new Veterinarians, Dentist, Ophthalmologists,  Doggie Day Care, where do I get my car fixed? Heck, where do I buy my car? Then the biggy… finding a JOB. Having no health insurance until I find a job, yes I’m fully aware of the ‘Not Affordable Health Care’… don’t get me started.

Having stated some of the worries I have, I also find excitement in it as well! Finding new places to eat, the best place to view a sunrise or sunset, shopping for antiques without it costing me a mini fortune, the new types of trees and plants that can be grown or battled with. Free Shipping!!! I can drive to a different state! I can fly to a different state for cheap, or take the train!
No, I do not look forward to battling the bugs and having to treat Ruffio with Flea and Tick meds, but I look forward to being able to take him on walks and play in the yard for more time over the seasons. OH the seasons!!! I can actually see a Fall, that doesn’t last two weeks! Pumpkin patches!!! …and Pumpkin patches!!! and more Pumpkin patches!!! Fresh fruit and veggies from local growers that are much more in abundance. Fresh Seafood!!! (Yes we have Seafood up here but most of it comes from somewhere else) and Halloween, oh Halloween how I have missed you. I do understand that October is rainy in Van/Portland, but have you ever had to wear a winter coat, boots, hat and gloves OVER your Halloween costume…and not have it be part of the costume? I can handle rain… and actually like it and fog!

So as you can see I’m over the moon with excitement of moving to somewhere new, that is not Alaska, but yes, I have a lot of life stress to handle before that. Fama is in Stage 4 lung cancer and time is not on her side. I so want her to move with me, but I doubt that will happen. She has a connection to Alaska, one that I truly do not share, and she wants to be here. My plan for October was going to be followed through with even if she was still with us. I battle with the decision and yes I want to spend her last times with her, but at the same time I cannot take another winter here. Sounds completely selfish, and maybe it is, but I have put off my plans for roughly 3 years now due to life emergencies and quite frankly, I’m beyond frustrated. What is one more winter? Pure hell. I literally feel myself walking closer to the grave with each winter… and NO that is not some metaphor for me wanting to off myself. I simply mean that I literally die on the inside. Winter here is nothing but a dark, white and grey frozen world.  I loathe snow and ice and cold. I need milder winters, with green to be seen, no possibility of four feet of snow in a 24 hour period, or even just one. If snow happens, there are snow days!!

So as you can see I’m feeling stuck but overly excited for new experiences to come!!


The papers have been signed and Ruffio is officially my little minion!! We had a busy day, we started out at two different Pet stores then went to Little Dog meetup, with lots of puppy friends to play with. After signing the papers we came home and both decided we were due for a nap!
His rescue story is much like my Wickets, they were both in the same abuse situation. I will refresh those that may not have followed before. On January 12th, 2012 two men were arrested for the animal abuse of 39+ dogs and 50+parakeets. The men were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill. The house was found to be full of cages, feces, urine, etc. with all the dogs being neglected, suffering malnutrition, covered in urine and feces burns and sores, etc. Some dogs died, others would be put down, while others would pass in rescue months later. The rescue, Polar Pug Rescue & Friends, received 11, I believe, of the rescues which is where my Wicket and my Ruffio  were adopted from.
I adopted Wicket on April 9th, 2012 and due to a Brain tumor I had to send him to puppy heaven on October 20th, 2013. On November 2, I took Ruffio and Charlotte (Ruffio’s sister) into foster. In January Charlotte went back to rescue, due to her high energy she wasn’t doing well at my home, she needs someone that can help her get out all of her energy. Plus, they both have Stranger Danger issue’s and can be a bit fearful of new situations and they were feeding off of each others fears. They do better apart, mainly for their mental health and Ruffio is more laid back, so the higher energy sister was driving him to shut down.

So exactly 2 years and 1 month after being rescued, Ruffio is officially ‘dopted!!

Oh, I have to mention this, my motherly instincts kicked in today at Petco. We were walking around looking at collars and harnesses and a Golden Retriever came down the aisle. Ruffio barks at big dogs, but it isn’t a fear induced bark or repetitive. He typically barks once, maybe twice, to get their attention.  I never scold him when he barks this way because he is only talking and his body language isn’t anything to worry about. The 20 something on the other end of the Golden’s leash assumed this meant that Ruffio was mean, even though Ruffio was paying no attention to either of them any longer. She left the aisle and went down the other aisle, where I found her while we were looking for more stuff. I heard her say to, I think it was her Dad, ‘that Chihuahua, something something’. It took every bit of restraint I had to hold back my inner children and not scream at her… “HE IS NOT A CHIHUAHUA, HE IS A BRUSSELS GRIFFON/ITALIAN GREYHOUND, we think, MIX!!” Instead I stayed on the aisle and let Ruffio pick out a toy. He didn’t even look at any of them…being such the mean little Chihuahua he is. LOL



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