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I have finished the Ghost of Christmas Present. I’m hoping to get all five dolls done before Christmas, but only being able to work on the weekend is making it difficult. I will take better photos of them when they are all done, but for now here is the Ghost of Christmas Present…


I don’t normally create Christmas items, but this year I decided to do A Christmas Carol display at work. I’m making 1/12 size art dolls of Scrooge, Marley, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. I haven’t quite figured out the display yet but I’m using the same table and Victorian Canvas’s that I had up for Halloween. Everything will be Scrooge’y and not overly Christmas’y.


Here is the WIP of the Ghost of Christmas Present;



Today is the day of the Little Angels, a day to honor deceased children.

My children that I have lost have been of the four legged furry nature. I have wanted for many years to build them an alter for the celebration, adding their favorite treats and toys, but have never done so. Instead I will honor them by making an electronic version today. Their may not be treats and toys involved but I will do my best to include stories of each.

I will try to put them in order of adoption. They were all rescue’s in some form or another. I typically gave AKC names to my dogs, not because they were AKC dogs, more because it gave me free reign to give them really long names, heh!:

Name: Shade
Full name:
Gizmo’s Shadey Lady, Shades of Gizmo
Zoomy Zoomy, Zoomy
Breed: Pomeranian

Shade was my first dog as an adult. Shade was purchased from a friend of my husbands, when she was three weeks old. This friend had taken two puppies and the Momma dog  away from his Sister due to the Sister being a drug addict and not taking care of the Momma dog, which in turn had stopped feeding the puppies. I only agree to pay for her to get her out of the situation.
Shade fit in the cup of my hand and only grew to be 3 1/2 pounds as an adult.
She was the first to pass, going due to congestive heart failure at 13 yrs.

Name: Smokey
Full name: 
Smoke Lass Hoppin Flip
Moke, MokeMoke
Breed: Pomeranian

Smokey was adopted at roughly a year of age. Quirky story behind getting Smokey…my husband and I had stopped by a local pet store in the mall, which we did regularly to just ‘look’ at the puppies. One afternoon we were in the store staring at this adorable 8 week old Pomeranian puppy that was staring back at us while she chewed on the bars. We were discussing buy her just because she was so cute, but couldn’t afford the $800 they were asking for her. We fell in love with her but had to walk away. The next day my Mom calls me and tells me that they had broken down and bought my brother a Pomeranian. He had fallen for Shade and wanted a little bundle of fur himself. I asked where they got it and she stated from the Mall. I perked up and said, was it a little cream colored female that was 8 weeks old? She said it was and I squealed, telling her that we had seen her the day before and fell in love with her.
To shorten the story, they kept Smokey for about a year and decided to let us adopt her due to her and their German Shepherd not getting along. She was finally ours.
Smokey passed due to complications of Cushings Disease at the age of 14yrs.

Name: Quest
Full name: 
El Pelon’s Quest for Excellence (this was her previous AKC name)
Breed: Chinese Crested – Hairless

Quest was adopted from a local breeder. The breeder had purchased her from a puppy mill breeder in the states for $1500. The local breeder ‘purchased’ her to get her out of the situation she was in and because she wanted to start breeding Chinese Cresteds. Quest had one pregnancy and the puppy was severally  Hydrocephalic and died a few weeks after birth. The breeder had Quest spayed due to the potential of having more birth defects. I spoke to this breeder often due to the fact that she frequented our Vet Clinic with the puppies and adult pregnant dogs she had. I mentioned to her that I was looking for a Chinese Crested that I could adopt and she told me about Quest. I adopted Quest within a few days of hearing about her. Quest had many behavioral problems due to coming from a puppy mill. She was caged from birth, before the local breeder bought her, which wasn’t long, due to her being a year and half when I adopted her.
Quest passed due to Liver Cancer at the age of 11yrs.

Name: Whisper
Full name: 
Careless Whisper Caravelle N’Co (her previous AKC name)
Woo, Woodees
Breed: Chinese Crested – Hairless

Whisper was bought sight unseen from Ohio. I always wanted to have four dogs total and really wanted another Crested. I started searching the internet for another hairless and how I came upon Whisper I don’t even remember. The odd thing was, I had planned to name a dog Whisper before I even found her and then there she was. I purchased her for $150 without even meeting her. She was a ‘pet quality’ 11 month old, that also had some behavioral problems. She was the only other dog that I truly set out to buy and not truly rescue.
Whisper passed of Liver Cancer at the age of 13yrs.

Name: Ashley
Full name: 
Ash a Lee Punk a Do
Punky, Bug
Breed: Pomeranian

Ashley was adopted at an unknown age and was also a 3 1/2 pound adult. She was adopted with one other dog, Grizzley. The story behind Ashley was that she was living with the human owner of Shade’s dad, along with two other dogs. The other two that I also came to adopt where Shade’s brother Grizzley and Shade’s dad Gizmo, Ashley was unrelated. The trio of dogs fell on hard times when the humans that owned them split up. They suddenly found themselves in an abandoned apartment, not being taken care of or fed properly. The quirky thing about this story was that no more than a week previously I had a premonition about the dogs. I told my husband that if for some reason those dogs need a home we will be taking them in and he adamantly agreed. We were sitting in a restaurant having lunch a few days later and a friend that knew the human couple stated that they had split up and the dogs were living at the apartment by themselves. He said there was mention of the dogs going to the pound. The next day I looked up the phone number of the female, I told her that I had run into so n’ so and he told me the dogs were going to the pound. She started crying saying she didn’t know what she was going to do. I stopped her and said, ‘Your bringing the dogs to me’. She had already given Gizmo to someone else but he wasn’t doing well health wise. I told her to bring me Grizzley and Ashley ASAP and to tell the person she gave Gizmo to that if she couldn’t keep him or pay for his medical bills, she was to bring him to me. The dogs were brought in, I worked at a Vet clinic at the time,  covered in matted fur and feces, Ashley had urine burns and could barely walk because the hair had been matted so badly to her backend and legs.  The story goes on to their rehab and I did end up with Gizmo as well.
Ashley passed of congestive heart failure at roughly at 14yrs. She was the first dog I performed CPR on, I was successful until we got her to PET Emergency and ended up putting her down due to her condition.

Name: Grizzley
Full name: 
Gizmo’s Grizzley Boo Beer Bear
Griddy, Boo
Breed: Pomeranian

Grizzley was adopted with Ashley and you can read how he was adopted in her story. Grizzley has more of a story though. He was actually supposed to be my first Pomeranian. The people that had Shade had a litter previously and Grizzley was the only one in the litter. The girlfriend of the human that had the Dad dog, trumped me on getting him. Grizzley had a bit of a drinking problem. When he was with the previous owners he would frequently steal sips of their alcoholic drinks that they had sitting on the floor. He quickly became addicted to them and would sit and stare at you if you didn’t give him any, occasionally growling. Since I am not a drinker, that behavior wasn’t a problem.
Grizzley passed at 16yrs due to Lung Cancer.


Name: Gizmo
Full name: 
Breed: Pomeranian

Gizmo was the father of Shade and Grizzley. His adoption story can be read in Ashley’s story. When he finally came to me he was severally depressed. He had been separated from the dog family that he had known since he was one year old. He wasn’t eating and drinking very little. The lady that had adopted him surrendered him to me because she couldn’t afford to take him to the Vet to get him checked out. The day that she brought him to me I was working at the Vet clinic. I happened to have Grizzley and Ashley with me that day to have their dental’s done. When Gizmo first saw me he instantly perked up, he knew me since he was a puppy, but when I took him to the back to put him in with Grizzley and Ashley he turned into a different dog. He was so happy he was  yip whining and licking all over them.  The only thing wrong with him was he needed a dental and to be reunited with his family.
Gizmo died shortly after Shade, he never came out of his depression from her dying. He was 14yrs old.

No picture of Gizmo


Name: Bear
Full name: 
Prince Bear Von Charmy Charm
Bubba, Boo, Charmy Charm
Breed: Pomeranian

Bear was adopted from a friend that fell on hard times, Bear was roughly 8 yrs old. I received a call one day from a friend, he asked if I still rescued Pomeranian’s, I told him I did but wasn’t looking for another dog at the time. Something told me to check it out anyway. He and his girlfriend and children had been evicted and was living with his parents. Bear was living in the garage. I had him bring Bear to me. At first I was thinking I would take him in to find him a home, the decision to keep him was quick in the coming.
Bear was put to sleep due to a condition called FCE or Fibrocartilaginous Embolism, it’s also known as a Spinal Stroke. There is no known reason why they happen, he had no injury to cause it. He was almost 14 yrs old.


Name: Wicket
Full Name: 
Nickname: Wickumus, Sexy Face,Wicky
Breed: Brussels Griffon, rough coat

His story was this: Wicket was rescued by the Police Dept. and Animal Control on January 12th 2012. He and 38 other dogs were found to be living in disgusting conditions. The floors were covered in feces, urine and yuck and there were cages everywhere filled with dogs. The cages were also filled with feces, urine and yuck. The dogs were covered in sores, matted fur, infection and they were also malnourished. The ‘men’ that did this were Dog Show fanatics that were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill.

I saw Wicket on the Polar Pug Rescue and Friends website in March 2012. I had just lost my Whisper to cancer and still had my Bear, with his own health issue. I watched Bear to see how he was doing being an only dog. I didn’t want to go on impulse, even though I was totally taken by Wickets picture, and instead wanted to make sure that Bear would be ok with getting another dog. I thought about Wicket almost everyday until I could take it no longer. I put in my application for him, I believe near the end of March and heard back rather quickly from Vickie Young of PPRaF. I went to meet him… I was done, I wanted to run out the door with the little guy in my arms! He had me wrapped around his little stubby tail from first muzzle nudge. I believe that was a Friday and I had the little guy at my home by Monday. I was and still am, inside out in love with that little man. I have never had such a strong connection with any of my dogs. I don’t want to make them sound less loved, no…not what I mean. Wicket and I connected, he read me, I read him…he was my puppy soul mate.

Wicket was put to sleep Oct. 20,2013 due to a suspected brain tumor. We guess his age to be 8 years’ish. He was only with me a year and a half and he changed my heart for the better, not loosing him, but being able to love the little Sexy Face and have his unconditional love in return.





I miss you all very much and carry you in my heart everyday. You were all awesome little Rock Star’s. Mama kisses…


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have an awesome evening!

The Pumpkin Diorama went for $250 at the Auction at work. Woooo Hoooo!!! The new owner was very excited, which made donating it totally worth it. I have no plans for the evening. I’m going to play to my introvert and turn off the lights, close the blinds, light some candles and watch Halloweeny movies.

I have finished the Pumpkin Diorama with three days to spare… woohooo!! I did set an earlier deadline for myself so that it could sit on display at work before the Auction. I didn’t keep track of time it took on this one, I was having fun doing it, so keeping track slipped my mind. As for cost to create, I lost track of that too but if I had to guess it would be under $30. I had to buy the Pumpkin, foam and some of the wire, the rest is stock from The Skullery, or as my Fama calls it, Mini Michaels. Heh!

The price that I would put on this one, if I was going to sell it, is $200. I’m hoping it brings close to that at the Auction. The one I made last year, which wasn’t as detailed, went for $75.

Here are a few more WIP pictures:

Here are the finished pictures:

I decided to create another Pumpkin Diorama this year for the United Way auction at work. I created one last year that can be found here.
This year I’m using the same size pumpkin but it is white instead. I had seen a white pumpkin online that had been antiqued with glaze and I liked the look. The concept was going to be a haunted house but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do an inside scene of a haunted house or make the pumpkin the house instead. I chose to do both.

The house itself I was going to make out of wood but I really didn’t want to. It was going to be a lot of small cuts, etc. I decided to use fun foam instead. The house form is 1/4 foam, then the smaller stuff is the thin foam. Much more easy to cut!

Here are the pictures up until now. I’m at the stage now where I am using expanding foam inside the pumpkin to build up the area the house will sit on. I will paint the brick chimney while I wait for the foam to dry.


I put up the Halloween display at work and the ghost made her debut along with the canvas’s that I created earlier. I’m slowly adding things to the table as I go so I may update later with more pictures.

She is almost finished. I have her strung up and will add a bit more large mesh Cheese cloth to her once she dries over night. I cut her off the dress form and then repaired the area. Will take pics once she is in her display at work.


I finished the Victorian canvas’s that I was working on from the last post. The picture below shows them both, with a little touch ups left to do on the left canvas.

Victorian canvas


I started working on a full sized ghost as well. She will actually be a half ghost but the flowing fabric will make it look full sized, and she will be hung from the ceiling. The upper half will be layers of Cheese Cloth that is soaked with Paverpol, and then I will attach fabric over the complete form to make it look like one piece.Below are a few pictures of the progress:




I started working on the canvas backdrops for my Halloween display at work. I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a Haunted Victorian scene. I have 8 large, 4′ x 3′ canvas’s that I had bought at auction numerous years ago with the intention of re-purposing them. They are the ‘Made in China’ ones that you can get at retail stores that have different scenes painted on them. I got all 8 for $47, with the auction fee. I think they run around $30-$40 each normally, so I scored!
I am using two of them long ways, since the ‘table’ that will be in the display is 8ft long. I have bought black and white Victorian Damask fabric that I’m using as the wallpaper. I used Instant Coffee in warm/hot water to uniformly stain the fabric, then threw it in the dryer. In the picture below the fabric on the right is the original and on the left is a test for the distressing I wanted to do.



I then laid it out on the canvas to figure out where I wanted the seams of the wallpaper to be, which I didn’t want to be centered on the canvas.



Once I had it where I wanted it, I marked on the fabric so that I could line it back up. There are three strips of fabric in the above picture, I removed one at a time, put down Paverpol on the canvas and wet and wringed the fabric before laying back in place. The Paverpol takes about 24 hours to dry so I had time to adjust the fabric and make it look like ‘failing’ wallpaper. The reason I wet the fabric is two fold. One it is easier to work with and secondly, I wanted to use Alcohol inks and more Instant Coffee to distress it, they both take better to wet fabric.

After the fabric was laid  back on the Canvas, I puckered the fabric in places and made the seams more visible, like old wallpaper would fail. I lifted some of the edges and placed balled up plastic wrap underneath for support. Below is a picture when it is still wet.


I spritzed it with alcohol ink in places then dabbed it so that it didn’t have a spritzed look. Then I added dry Install Coffee chunks in places and dripped water over the top to make the dark spots.


The fabric is dry this morning but I am adding a few more distresses to it. I will post more WIPs or when it is finished.



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