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Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my Wicket has gained his angel wings. I still cry on a daily basis and at times it can be the oddest thing that sets it off. Typically though it is once I have laid down to go to bed, when my brain gets to roam free and not think of work or daily chores that I find despair again. There are times that something on the TV will set me off and on occasion I will find myself in the bathroom at work quietly crying. I miss him beyond anything I can put in to words but I move forward with his memories and knowing that he is always with me. I will be making a memorial shadow box soon, I just need to get a picture printed of him and paint the box that I picked up for his cremains, I don’t know how I’m going to paint it yet, but it will come.

Wicket helped me make some awesome friends. If it wasn’t for my little man, and me wanting him to meet new puppy friends and get exercise at the Dog Park, I would not have met the group of people that came together to have a Memorial Bead made for me. The bead was made by an awesome artist, and fellow dog friend, Elise Strauss. She makes beautiful glass lampwork beads along with the Memorial beads. You can see her work on her business page Koi Creek Beadworks and see some items on her Etsy site.

Below is a picture of the bead Elise made, I can’t thank everyone enough that came together to do this for me and my Wicket. The swirls in the glass are Wickets Cremains…

Wickets Bead

Last year a wrote a post for all the dogs that I have had, as an adult, that have passed, you can see their stories here. This year I find myself still mourning the loss of my Wicket that I had to let go of so he could go to puppy heaven, just 12 days ago. I truly miss him beyond anything I could possibly put into words. I have sobbed and wailed, cried silently, cussed the Universe and finally found myself talking to him at times and pictured him with little wings. I’ve seen him run as fast as he can through the fields and prayed that he comes to comfort me when I need him. I seem to still need him…

Having said all that, I will now bring you his story and give you some in sight into who the little man had becoming. Wicket was rescued by the Police Dept. and Animal Control on January 12th 2012. He and 38 other dogs were found to be living in disgusting conditions. The floors were covered in feces, urine and yuck and there were cages everywhere filled with dogs. The cages were also filled with feces, urine and yuck. The dogs were covered in sores, matted fur, infection and they were also malnourished. The ‘men’ that did this were Dog Show fanatics that were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill.

I saw Wicket on the Polar Pug Rescue and Friends website in March. I had just lost my Whisper to cancer and still had my Bear, with his own health issue. I watched Bear to see how he was doing being an only dog. I didn’t want to go on impulse, even though I was totally taken by Wickets picture, and instead wanted to make sure that Bear would be ok with getting another dog. I thought about Wicket almost everyday until I could take it no longer. I put in my application for him, I believe near the end of March and heard back rather quickly from Vickie Young of PPRaF. I went to meet him… I was done, I wanted to run out the door with the little guy in my arms! He had me wrapped around his little stubby tail from first muzzle nudge. I believe that was a Friday and I had the little guy at my home by Monday.
I was and still am, inside out in love with that little man. I have never had such a strong connection with any of my dogs. I don’t want to make them sound less loved, no…not what I mean. Wicket and I connected, he read me, I read him…he was my puppy soul mate.

He was a silly little man. He loved to run and bark. He would chase after dogs that were running and would bark the whole time. If any dog barked or started a scuffle near by, he would run to them barking and and get between the grumblers. He was the ‘police dog’ or referee, even though he was a gentle little man. He would play with toys as long as I played with him. He would rather have me play bite on his legs and head so he could play bite me back.
He loved Romaine lettuce, Sardines, Cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt. He loved looking out the window when we went for a truck ride and loved going to the pet stores to pick out his own puppy chews.

Everyone that met him or saw him, fell in love with his ears and how expressive his face was. You could read him by his eyes and he almost always looked like he was frowning although that was just his mouth shape, his ears and stumpy tail would give away how happy he really was.

While I was writing this on Halloween night, I received a call from the vet clinic telling me his ashes are ready for pickup. I will be bringing him home on Dia de los Angelitos day.

Here are a few pictures of my little man. The first one is the picture I saw of him on the rescue site and progress on to more current times.


The day he adopted me, April 9th 2012











I will be going on vacation May 29th through June 5th to Portland. As you may know from a previous post, my Mom has cancer and has a poor prognosis. The vacation was originally for me to go to the West Coast Haunters Convention, and it still is, but we have turned it also into a Mother/Daughter vacation. My Mom took care of my Da when he had cancer and eventually passed this last August, and she needs some time off just as much as I do.

Now to the Panhandling… I am not desperate for money and very thankful that I can keep my own head above water. I had the idea of setting up a Fundraiser, otherwise known as a ‘give me money for no other reason than you have it to spare‘ raiser. I want to be able to pay for dinner and other misc. things when we go down to Portland and not struggle when I come home.
Yes, I am throwing my pride and ID to the wind and shamelessly asking for monetary assistance. Will I cry if I don’t get any…no. Will I go to the nearest Pet Store in Portland to buy Wicket goodies if there is some money donated…you friggen betcha!!
If you donate, with stipulations that I use the money for Wicket, dinner, whatever, I promise that I will do just that and take photo’s of what I buy. Keep in mind, I do not drink so if you say I must go out and party with it, my style of partying may be different than your style of partying.

Here is Wicket’s Cardboard sign. I tried to get him to say something about Vacation money but he refused. He stated something about snow and cold and he is fed up with not being able to play outside, at least I think that is what he was saying, he did have a toy in his mouth at the time.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the Fun-raiser site Click on picture to go to Donation Page


I had entered Wicket in our local Animal Care and Controls Poster Contest. The Posters are a Public Service announcement for the Municipal Tags that are required here in the city. Yes, my intentions were purely to get Wickets picture plastered all over the city, heh!

He didn’t win 1st place but he did come in 3rd! Woooo Hoooo! Third place gets a $50 gift certificate to Alaska Mill and Feed which is a local farm’ish type store that dotes on dogs. He will also get his poster on the website and at ACC within the building. He was rather excited when I told him the news last night. Ok… he was actually just happy to see me and goes crazy dog when I get home from work, but we can anthropomorphise a bit right?

Here is the website and Facebook link to the announcement with his picture:




Wicket has been back home since mid August and has been doing wonderfully! We are still gradually introducing exercise to him, even though he does get to play full out at Puppy Daycare, he doesn’t get to run in a large open area just yet. I have taken him to our Little Dog Meetup group at a dog park a couple of times but he has been kept on lead so he can’t run. We don’t need a re-occurrence of his back injury, so it’s slow and steady.

But… this does not mean I cannot torture him with Halloween dressup!! Yes, I want to dress him as a Flying Monkey for Halloween and have yet to make the costume. I’m still contemplating the colors I want to use, will probably go with the original blue and red even though I dislike that color combo. While shopping yesterday at Walmart, ugh, I stopped in the pet section… actually the pet section stopped me, due to having an endcap of Halloween Pet sweaters and whatnots. I had to buy two sweaters, which I’ve been meaning to do since the weather is turning cold.

I let Wicket model his own sweaters and here is the little darling along with a picture of the endcap at Walmart…


My little man is back home with me. I can’t tell you how much of a weight is off my shoulders having him back in the house.
His Rescuer Vickie Young of Polar Pug Rescue and Friends, is the classiest, most awesome, biggest hearted woman I have met. Not only did she have Wickets best interest at heart, she kept in consideration my own massive love of the little man and she came to the conclusion that Wicket and I would both benefit from having him come home at night, while they cared for his medical needs during the day. This not only lets me spend time with Da while not worrying about Wicket, it lets Wicket and I de-stress and snuggle at night.

We have a doctors appointment on the 22nd with a Neurologist to find out more about what may be wrong with his back. It doesn’t look to be structural due to nothing showing on the Xrays, which have been taken several times.  A few guesses are, herniated disk, slip disk, or some type of nerve impingement… but I can’t say anything definite yet.  Surgery may be the only option, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

I can’t say enough good things about Vickie and her rescue organization. I have had the displeasure of witnessing bad rescuers or rescuers that were actually hoarders in disguise.

Polar Pug Rescue and Friends is having a Fundraiser called Pupsino Royale here in Anchorage on September 15th. The tickets are $50 pre-event and $60 at the door.  The night will include:

  • An amazing buffet dinner from The Hotel Captain Cook
  • Live music
  • Dancing
  • A Silent Auction
  • Door prizes
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Guest appearance from Kobe the Pug
  • A night out without the kids
  • A Wine Wall

If you can’t attend and would like to donate instead you can go to the PayPal donation site or go to their Website to donate via snail mail.

While Wickie was with Vickie they filmed the Commercial for the event and shot some photos for promo. Wickie got to play poker, he is the second from the left.

David Jensen Photography

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