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I’m working on getting The Whimsy Attic setup. I finally had LunarPages take down my old domain name and put in The Whimsy Attic instead. This website is actually a sub-domain that runs off of the main one. Just to add a touch of geek speak. All I have up right now is a Construction Page but am setting up something a bit more pretty very soon.

This is the link for the site: http://thewhimsyattic.com


I can’t show the previous canvases I create for a special project, yet but I can show what I did create for the WCHC Silent Auction! These two are each on 8×10 canvas and each holds his or her, carved pumpkins. The Pumpkin’s have pumpkin seed teeth and guts.
If you’re interested in them then come on down to the West Coast Haunters Convention at the Doubletree Portland, Oregon on Saturday May 16th. They will be displayed outside the PDX Costume Ball and all proceeds go to Charity.

I’m working on some new canvas’s. I need some quick art that I can sell to help make some money for my WCHC Trip.  I have some new paints coming in, and need to wait on those but until then I will make up a few to get the process down faster.

Here is the one I have finished so far. Raven Silhouette 5″x7″ Mixed media: SOLD


I have finished the Pumpkin Diorama with three days to spare… woohooo!! I did set an earlier deadline for myself so that it could sit on display at work before the Auction. I didn’t keep track of time it took on this one, I was having fun doing it, so keeping track slipped my mind. As for cost to create, I lost track of that too but if I had to guess it would be under $30. I had to buy the Pumpkin, foam and some of the wire, the rest is stock from The Skullery, or as my Fama calls it, Mini Michaels. Heh!

The price that I would put on this one, if I was going to sell it, is $200. I’m hoping it brings close to that at the Auction. The one I made last year, which wasn’t as detailed, went for $75.

Here are a few more WIP pictures:

Here are the finished pictures:

I’m back on track, ahem…again, to get The Whimsy Attic website created. I had the previous idea of creating an attic like site but have shifted gears, yet again. I’ve decided that to get this complete I must simplify my idea, the previous idea would have entailed much photoshop’ing and creating.  The newer idea will require photoshop’ing and creating but to a much less degree.

The other point to this, this will allow me to create business cards to match and I have an idea for having a Trade show/Craft show booth that will also be very similar.  Win win win.

Now to search the interwebs for the Victorian wallpaper I need…

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