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::: sings ::: On the first day of Creepmas my spooky love said to meeeee… :::ahem:::

When you are preparing those Creepmas gifts for your loved ones, why not add the Zombie gift tags? Where do you get them you ask? Why right over here.

Here is what they look like and the best part…they are free! Download them, print them out on a color printer and wala…Zombie Gift Tags

The 13 days of Creepmas will start tomorrow! What is Creepmas you say? You can participate and read about it over on the Creepmas.com website, but in short:

The 13 Days of Creepmas is an online Celebration of Spookiness from December 1 – 13. The idea is to bring a macabre twist to Christmas and the holidays. Get creative and post it on your blog – share your twisted yule visions with the world!

So join in on the spooky Christmas fun!!

I have a new creation started. I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is but will show you a bit of a peak at what will be apart of it.

Kyle Murphy that is Som Ep’ Laceak took video while we were doing the photo shoot. His daughter is Olivia Murphy and is the young girl you see in the video and it is her picture that I have used my Facebook profile picture. She does creepy so well.


PumpkinRot has done it again. If I could just pluck out his imagination and meld it with my own… Frightfulish things would occur, at least in my own realm. They are already occurring within his own….

Swamp Foetus

You can find the man of Rot and his darling of a wife, Bean at the following locations:

PumpkinRot Website

PumpkinRot Blog

Pumpkin Hollow on Etsy

Halloween Theme Greeting cards by Rot


Here is the link the original post with the links to he Photographers
Here is the link to Part 2
Here is the link to Part 3

More photo’s from Sandee Rice…

Here is the link to the original post that contains the links to the Photographers and the info about the shoot.

Here is the link to Part 2.

Photo’s by Sandee Rice

More Photo’s from Mhark Laroza

To see the original post with the links to the artists click here

The following photos were all done by Mhark Laroza


Yesterday I went out on a photo shoot with Rebecca Belcher to Gateway to Darkness Haunted Attraction. For those of you that don’t know, GtD is the only Pro Haunt in Alaska and they hold the bar very high compared to all of the Non-Profit Haunts we have.  Michelle and Sam Marsh are the owners and both are active within the haunt.
The main theme of the shoot was ghostly haunted with the models wearing mainly whites and grays.  Michelle worked the airbrush for whiting out faces while a couple of her makeup artists did the detail work. Sorry, I didn’t catch their names.
There were four photographers total, Rebecca Belcher, Sandee Rice, Mark Laroza and John, that I need to verify the last name of, and one videographer Kyle Murphy that is Som Ep’Laceak Media.  The number of models numbered somewhere in the 12-15 range. Most were professional models  both female and male. A few males, that had come with female models, were persuaded to join in the on the fun. Who can say no to dressing up before Halloween??!!
We had roughly four hours of shooting time, which seemed to fly by once everyone got into the flow of things. All in all it was really fun running around in the dark, the hard part was leaving and having to return to the bright reality of the outside world.

I’m going to post a few pictures for now, when the photographers make them available I will provide more and update the names of the male photographers.


Gateway to Darkness
Gateway to Darkness on Facebook
Rebecca Belcher Photography
Rebecca Belcher Photography on Facebook
Sandee Rice Photography
Sandee Rice on Facebook
Mhark Larazo on Flickr
Now for the fun stuff….

PumpkinRot posted a few of these Potterybarn photos on his blog this morning and I just had to follow suit. Love the new stuff they are coming out with nowadays.

Antiqued Mirror

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