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We have snowmen! Now what could be more creepy than snowmen? They are suppose to be like Frosty… friendly, helpful, adorable to look at with child like wonder. Well not anymore…

We have Ghost’s… can’t you see them below?

We have a contest! Jodi Cain that is Tattered Rags art Dolls, has a Christmas giveaway for one of her dolls. Her dolls are fabtabulous!!!

To enter go to her Giveaway website and follow the instructions. Here is the doll she will be giving away on December 20th.

We have Tattoo’s! I’ve been wanting another tattoo for some time now and know what I want but need to save up the money, when I’m not saving up the money for other ‘life important’ things. Heh!
Thought I would go do a search about and see if I can find some cool, or at least what I deem as cool, Halloween’ish tattoo’s.

First for the Tattoo I want to get a version of…

Self Portrait with Haunted House Tattoo

I love creepy tree’s and haunted houses. When I saw the above photo I was in instant love with it. Having said I love creepy tree’s and haunted houses, you may see a bit of a theme in some of the photo’s coming next…

Not Halloween but it’s an awesome Mad Hatter

We have Etsy!! I strolled over to Etsy and did a search for Spooky Christmas. Here are a few that caught my eye…

We have food!!! Most of this post will have nothing to do with actual Christmas’y Creepmas, but instead it will be creepy food related items. How can you not have a Skull cake at Creepmas?

How about some Sushi!! I love sushi and could eat it every dang day. But… I think I would be a bit hesitate to try this:

Ok, Ok… back to Cake…

Now we have to have the proper Silverware to eat these wonderful foods with…

I bring you Halloween Christmas decorations. The last many years the major retail stores have been selling black Christmas tree’s. It makes me smile.

I found this Christmas tree photo on Flickr, with a green tree. I believe a black tree would look much better:

Halloween Christmas tree

I must say… in looking around on the interwebs I am disappointed in what I find for Creepy/Spooky Christmas tree’s. Seems that everything Spooky Christmas decorations related has something to do with Nightmare Before Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Burton, but we have got to come up with something else.




We have Creepmas gifts that you can get me!! Yes, I am putting it out there, you guys can buy me stuff, I will allow it.

Check this out…

We have Spooky Hallow on Etsy!! Carmen does some awesome work. Love the whimsy’ness of her art.

I can’t guarantee the items I show you will still be available… so hurry and check out all her other goodies!

Why not listen to some Hallowday music? Below are links to a couple CD’s that will get you in the mood to celebrate.

A Scary little Christmas







Holiday Horrors













You must watch the video of Glenn Beck concerning a Merry Scary Christmas







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