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I put up the Halloween display at work and the ghost made her debut along with the canvas’s that I created earlier. I’m slowly adding things to the table as I go so I may update later with more pictures.

I finished the Victorian canvas’s that I was working on from the last post. The picture below shows them both, with a little touch ups left to do on the left canvas.

Victorian canvas


I started working on a full sized ghost as well. She will actually be a half ghost but the flowing fabric will make it look full sized, and she will be hung from the ceiling. The upper half will be layers of Cheese Cloth that is soaked with Paverpol, and then I will attach fabric over the complete form to make it look like one piece.Below are a few pictures of the progress:




Are you looking for spooky fabric or possibly some awesome wallpaper? Wrapping paper, maybe? How about some spooky based bottles or Halloweeny stuff?

You have got to check out The Calvarium on Spoonflower for the Wallpaper, Fabric and Wrapping paper!. Jeremiah Witting is the designer, and yes he hand draws his designs. He also has an Etsy story where he sells bottles, tombstones, and the like.

I met Jeremiah, although briefly, while at West Coast Haunters Convention. We chatted while I was taking Monsters picture at his shop. I did, rather quickly, parooze through his fabric samples, mainly because I knew I would want to buy buy buy everything!! I did tell him though that once I get moved down to Vancouver, WA and get the new house, I will definitely be buying from him! Shipping to Alaska is well… not going to happen.

I wish the best for him and hope his stuff takes off like gang busters!! He is awesomeness all wrapped up in a human package.

You can follow the man himself on Facebook here
If you go here you can Like The Calvarium on Facebook… which is a total must if you want to see the new designs that are coming out.
The Calvarium Etsy store can be found here.
…or… best yet, you can go over to Spoonflower and BUY his stuff!!! The Calvarium on Spoonflower

Here are some samples of his work… and Monster wanted to make an appearance.


Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC

Monster at The Calvarium booth at WCHC


skullflower Damask - white

Skull Flower Stripes 2 - orange



A couple of years ago I did a post on the Spadena House, aka the Witch House, you can find that here. Dennis sent me an email sharing the pictures of his completed 1/2″ = 1″ scale miniature, which are awesome! He does not have a website but you can see the pictures on his Facebook page Dennis Nordman.  He will be showing the house at the Chicago’s International Miniatures Show in April http://www.bishopshow.com/chiinfo.htm

Here are a few pics of his awesome creation, you can also find the WIP’s on his Facebook page here

done w 7 1900217_1451951841705745_1628737698_o 1961736_1451951908372405_1810928966_o 1962498_1451952068372389_585205604_o 1149686_1451952108372385_562425419_o




I have been dragging my feet for far too long. Yes, I have had my share of set backs with life changing my path on a constant basis for the last couple of years. I am determined, I am a bull in the proverbial China Shop and I promise to smash all of life’s crappy China and glass to smithereens. We, my friends, are going to make glitter…ok, maybe not glitter since I’m not the glittery type. We are going to make pretty sparkling pixie dust.

I have been also dragging my feet where my new artsy business is concerned. I have had excuse after excuse after excuse. One of the main things that has stopped me is not getting a website built for it. I put off the business cards because I want them to match the website. …and on and on.  I finally settle on what I wanted the website to look like. I knew I wanted an attic feel to it but not to be so creepy as to scare off non-spooky art buyers. Some of what I will sell won’t be spooky based.
My business name is The Whimsy Attic, so I needed to set out finding this ‘atticy’ feeling picture. I didn’t want to go find a picture that was prebuilt or ‘perfect’ out of the box. I want to add my own touch to it and make it more me. The header on this Boo Spooky site, I created from scratch. The tree was something I had hand drawn during a meeting at work, and every thing else was either drawn in or added after slightly changing something.
After searching and searching for pictures of attics, I put my head to it this weekend and had an AH HA moment when I found a certain picture. It had the colors, angle and look that I wanted. I searched and searched some more but kept coming back to this one photo. After going back to it and reading the description, I was hooked. Now all I need to do was get the Photographers permission to use it, or purchase it so that I could get to adding to it.
I spoke with the Photographer via Facebook email and he graciously has allowed me to download two of his photos. I had actually found a second photo and need to decide on which will work best. I will give him credit for the original image with his Copyright then Copyright it again under The Whimsy Attic so that no one will steal what I have added to his image.

The Photographer is Frank C. Grace of Trig Photography. Frank is a awesome photographer and you guys should check out his stuff. Give him kudo’s for being awesome about allowing me to use his photo and give him props for his awesome work. A HUGE plus…he likes Paranormal stuff!!!

Here are the links to find him and below those are the two photos, one of which I will choose to use for my new website 🙂

You Tube Video with an interview with Frank http://youtu.be/r1VZtIU8vCg

attich7g attich7g2


Fundraising at work has me in The Skullery again. We are having a pumpkin carving Silent Auction/Contest for United way, along with a bake sale of spooky treats. Before my Wicket went to puppy heaven I decided that I was going to enter a pumpkin, I asked the organizer if fake pumpkins along with mixed media would be allowed, yes! Wooo Hooo!!
I’ve always wanted to create a diorama inside a fake pumpkin. So I did… in three days. The Friday before Wickets passing I had gone and purchased the pumpkin, and a few odds and in’s for the creation but come Sunday, the day I had to let me Wicket go, I was in no shape to create much less do anything useful. Come the following Friday I decided to pick it up again and bust butt to get it done. I’m always amazed at what I can do under a deadline but hate doing things that way. I tend to cut corners, that I would normally never do in my perfectionist world.

So babbling and yammering aside, here is the newest Halloween creation:







I hit the Skullery again, yay!! We have a United Way fundraiser at work every year and for the last couple of years I have wanted to donate to the Silent Auction. I made the decision I was doing it this year, so to make sure I didn’t get lazy I told people I would donate a OoAK art doll of a Halloween theme.

I knew I was going to make a Ghost. I didn’t want anything spooky but not to cutesy either. I have always loved the classic ghost with the bed sheet form, now to figure out how and what the scene should be. Secondly I wanted a pumpkin, I also had to figure out how to manage that too.

The ideas formed but how to bring the two together in a story line? AH HA moment hit me, he would be the Ghost of Peter D. Pumpkin Eater!

The Pumpkin is Poly Clay. I formed it around a Styrofoam ball and during the baking the ball shrinks so that you can get it out. I don’t recommend this. Not only do you need to ventilate your house, it is not good for the oven, which I use my actual kitchen oven for instead of a counter top toaster oven.  The tombstone is wood from my 30+ year old cedar fence, wood burned with Peter’s name. The Ghost is a form created with an armature covered in Plumbers putty, which I built up a bit for the body and to hold the arms in place. Over that Plumbers putty is air dry clay for the head, to make the eyes and mouth. The sheet is an actual bed sheet dipped in Paverpol and draped over the body form. I love Paverpol! The pumpkin guts are poly clay seeds with orange string and Carpet Latex as the yellowy guts part.

Here are the before and after photos:



















I have to share a Post from Shellhawk’s Nest that was written by Cory Hunt of Nightmare Playgrounds.

First a little back story: West Coast Haunters Convention is a Convention for Pro Haunters, Home Haunters, Halloween lovers of any kind and generally a large loving family of people that not only love the Spookier side of life but also enjoy the company of like minds, although I will fully admit that most of us do not look approachable or may seem, on first glance, like the person your Mother warned you about.
The WCHC is also geared around being a fundraiser for the Oregon School for the Deaf, “How is there a link between the two?”, you ask. OSD hosts a Haunted Attraction called Nightmare Factory which Ed Roberts is responsible for it’s inception, the haunt being created as a fundraiser for the residential programs at OSD. Ed also started the WCHC a smidge over four years ago and it’s original location was OSD. Clicking on the Nightmare Factory link will give you more history for the haunt. Not only do the students work as actors within the Haunt they also attend the Convention.

Back story having been told and the warning’s from your Mother fresh in your mind, you may not expect such a heart felt and well contemplated post to be written by ‘one of those Halloween/love to scare the bejeebee’s out of you types’…

Please head on over to Shelley’s Blog and read this… you will be glad you did.


Here is a snippet of Cory’s Article:

Deaf Kids Don’t Listen
By Cory Hunt

One of the great joys of my life is being with people who are enthusiastic, curious, willing to be themselves and let you be you.  I have always tended to find myself drawn to the outcast of society.  And, pretty quickly, I realized that we are all outcasts in our own minds.  There is a whole side topic in this thought that I am going to shy away from.

Because what I want to talk about are some awesome deaf kids, their cool teachers, and how they hear us better than we hear ourselves.  More importantly:  the lessons that we can learn from them and how to better work with them.

Continue reading here


The Witch House was built in 1921 in Culver City, California and was designed by Hollywood art director Harry Oliver. It was moved to it’s present location in 1934, which is located on the corner of Walden Drive and Carmelita in Beverly Hills, California.

The Spadena House name received it’s name from it’s first residential owners but has always truly been known as the Witch House. The house is now owned by Michael Libow, which he purchased in 1998 and set to the renovations that you will see today. The renovations took some 10 years to complete.

This house receives over 3500 Trick or Treater’s every year for Halloween!!

Here are some photos of the house, starting with the oldest photos first.

Culver City 1921


Current photos

Here is a video of the inside (Can’t embed the link, click it instead)

The Witch House 2011

The West Coast Haunters Convention…yes you heard me right! This year will be it’s 3rd annual event and I have decided I’m going!! I will need to start saving money and selling artsy stuff to do it but I’ve made up my mind and I already bought the event tickets.
The only thing that will stop me is a family emergency or some other financial emergency.

Ed Roberts, the founder of WCHC and his minions are still working out some details for Make and Takes, seminars, etc but it should be off the hook!!

WCHC will be June 1-3rd 2012 and will be at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Here is the link for more info: http://westcoasthaunters.homestead.com/untitled1.html

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