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It’s been awhile since this little handsome face has made an appearance. Here is your Ruffio fix!!!


Hi guys!!!


The papers have been signed and Ruffio is officially my little minion!! We had a busy day, we started out at two different Pet stores then went to Little Dog meetup, with lots of puppy friends to play with. After signing the papers we came home and both decided we were due for a nap!
His rescue story is much like my Wickets, they were both in the same abuse situation. I will refresh those that may not have followed before. On January 12th, 2012 two men were arrested for the animal abuse of 39+ dogs and 50+parakeets. The men were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill. The house was found to be full of cages, feces, urine, etc. with all the dogs being neglected, suffering malnutrition, covered in urine and feces burns and sores, etc. Some dogs died, others would be put down, while others would pass in rescue months later. The rescue, Polar Pug Rescue & Friends, received 11, I believe, of the rescues which is where my Wicket and my Ruffio  were adopted from.
I adopted Wicket on April 9th, 2012 and due to a Brain tumor I had to send him to puppy heaven on October 20th, 2013. On November 2, I took Ruffio and Charlotte (Ruffio’s sister) into foster. In January Charlotte went back to rescue, due to her high energy she wasn’t doing well at my home, she needs someone that can help her get out all of her energy. Plus, they both have Stranger Danger issue’s and can be a bit fearful of new situations and they were feeding off of each others fears. They do better apart, mainly for their mental health and Ruffio is more laid back, so the higher energy sister was driving him to shut down.

So exactly 2 years and 1 month after being rescued, Ruffio is officially ‘dopted!!

Oh, I have to mention this, my motherly instincts kicked in today at Petco. We were walking around looking at collars and harnesses and a Golden Retriever came down the aisle. Ruffio barks at big dogs, but it isn’t a fear induced bark or repetitive. He typically barks once, maybe twice, to get their attention.  I never scold him when he barks this way because he is only talking and his body language isn’t anything to worry about. The 20 something on the other end of the Golden’s leash assumed this meant that Ruffio was mean, even though Ruffio was paying no attention to either of them any longer. She left the aisle and went down the other aisle, where I found her while we were looking for more stuff. I heard her say to, I think it was her Dad, ‘that Chihuahua, something something’. It took every bit of restraint I had to hold back my inner children and not scream at her… “HE IS NOT A CHIHUAHUA, HE IS A BRUSSELS GRIFFON/ITALIAN GREYHOUND, we think, MIX!!” Instead I stayed on the aisle and let Ruffio pick out a toy. He didn’t even look at any of them…being such the mean little Chihuahua he is. LOL



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