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That would be Mache with a long A. I’m working on Mauly this weekend and I’m going to be making some witch jars as well.

Mauly is covered in paper towel mache now, I still need to build her left arm, her right hand, add some rooty’ness to her base and then covered her with TP mache. I’ve already covered her foam pumpkin head with TP mache to give her some wrinkles.

Mauly after skinning

Mauly head after TP mache

The day I finished Cucur I started work on Mauly. Mauly is a small female companion to Cucur. She will be partial height, roughly 3ft tall and may be holding hands with Cucur… you will have to watch and see.

More photos of Mauly and photos of Cucur can be found in the Gallery.

Here are a couple work in progress pics:

Mauly - starting to get the pose rightMauly - looking up

I finally start working on props this last weekend. You know, its funny about me making props and art. It is all I think about during my waking hours… ok yes, there is an occasional ‘other’ thought that pops into me head here and there.
::: giggles ::: But for the most part…it’s art.

The problem lies in getting started. Getting started is the largest step…no leap that I have to take. I’m not exactly sure why… laziness? procrastination? fear of failure or disappointment? all of the above? I’m not sure…maybe its a tinge of all of them, including the ‘all of the above’. Heh…

So I did take the leap this last weekend and had actually looked forward to it over the week. Beside Cucur… which I have named this particular Pumpkin Rot style prop, at least for now that is his name, I started on the heads for the ghosts I’m going to make.

Here are a couple of shots, from my Blackberry again, of Cucur. He isn’t complete by any means…



I’ve been slowly working on the pumpkin rottin patch. Here is the first guy in progress. I added his teeth, some larger ridges on his head, pupils, the mounting PVC to his neck and a few coats of SoC. I also made the ribcage, out of newspaper, wire and masking tape.

I need to add another coat of Soc to the head, over the air dry clayed teeth and ridges, and to the ribcage.
I also need to get all of the other nasty bits in place for his arms, hands and hanging down things…heh.

Sorry the pictures are crappy… I took them with my Blackberry this morning on the way out the door.



So I FINALLY got off my butt and started working on props. I had started on paper mache pumpkins a few months ago, became irriated with em’ due to how slow they were going, and set them aside to save them from my irritable ‘must destroy prop’ wraith.
No, I don’t normally go around destroying my props but I do get a lack of patience’itis streak and abandon them for long periods of time. The pumpkins witnessed this streak, even though there were abandon in my living room, I would glare at them on every passing.

The Technique I decided to use was Stolloweens, which can be found here.

They, the pumpkins, are going to be turned into Pumpkin Rot style pumpkins, see example here. I utimately want to make 6 total and have them in a grouping that will start with a ground level pumpkin going up to about a 6-7 feet tall Rot.

Here are the heads in progress, at this point they are a couple of layers of paper mache with one layer of Sculpt or Coat with tissue. Yes, the teeth will be added later, I started cutting them out tediously and yes…the ‘itis kicked in and *zip* off they went.



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