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I started working on the canvas backdrops for my Halloween display at work. I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a Haunted Victorian scene. I have 8 large, 4′ x 3′ canvas’s that I had bought at auction numerous years ago with the intention of re-purposing them. They are the ‘Made in China’ ones that you can get at retail stores that have different scenes painted on them. I got all 8 for $47, with the auction fee. I think they run around $30-$40 each normally, so I scored!
I am using two of them long ways, since the ‘table’ that will be in the display is 8ft long. I have bought black and white Victorian Damask fabric that I’m using as the wallpaper. I used Instant Coffee in warm/hot water to uniformly stain the fabric, then threw it in the dryer. In the picture below the fabric on the right is the original and on the left is a test for the distressing I wanted to do.



I then laid it out on the canvas to figure out where I wanted the seams of the wallpaper to be, which I didn’t want to be centered on the canvas.



Once I had it where I wanted it, I marked on the fabric so that I could line it back up. There are three strips of fabric in the above picture, I removed one at a time, put down Paverpol on the canvas and wet and wringed the fabric before laying back in place. The Paverpol takes about 24 hours to dry so I had time to adjust the fabric and make it look like ‘failing’ wallpaper. The reason I wet the fabric is two fold. One it is easier to work with and secondly, I wanted to use Alcohol inks and more Instant Coffee to distress it, they both take better to wet fabric.

After the fabric was laid  back on the Canvas, I puckered the fabric in places and made the seams more visible, like old wallpaper would fail. I lifted some of the edges and placed balled up plastic wrap underneath for support. Below is a picture when it is still wet.


I spritzed it with alcohol ink in places then dabbed it so that it didn’t have a spritzed look. Then I added dry Install Coffee chunks in places and dripped water over the top to make the dark spots.


The fabric is dry this morning but I am adding a few more distresses to it. I will post more WIPs or when it is finished.



I have a new creation started. I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is but will show you a bit of a peak at what will be apart of it.

I started on the Chalkboard this weekend, that has been sitting for months. Awesome right? Well last week, while paroozing through Pinterest, I saw some craft rooms that I liked and it reminded me that I wanted to take the desk out of the craft room and put in a wall mounted work surface to make space.

My brain has been moving around the idea and I finally got the brilliant idea to take a kitchen table, cut it in half, and mount it to the wall. The two legs will support the front and then a 2 x 2, or whatever, will support it on the wall.
Awesome!! Now where do I find a kitchen table for cheap. When I say cheap, I’m talking under $50 bucks and the less the better.
I started watching Craigslist and found awesome decorative tables in the $100+ range. Noway can I afford that.  Today I check Craigslist before tackling the Chalkboard painting and Walla! Kitchen table, all wood, that was exactly what I was looking for. The best part? It was the type that has the built in leaf to extend the table. Which means it’s already cut down the middle!!! Wooo Hoooo!! Don’t have to cut it and try to get it straight, or take it to Da and Fama’s to do on the Table Saw. How much was it? $40 buckaroo’s and it came with two chairs. One chair is trash but the other is in good shape.

Here is what it looks like before it has been mounted in the craft room, which will have to wait until next weekend.

This is the table upside down so I can take off the leaf attachment.

Here is half of the table resting on the other half.

When mounted it should look something like this.

I love chalkboards, not the green ones, but the old school black ones. I’ve seen many chalkboards popping up that are old frames, etc., that have been turned into chalkboards, so I decided to give it a try.  My mom had a few large old frames that she had oil paintings in and I asked her to save them. I saw a Tut online for doing a magnetic chalkboard and thought it would make a great way to display the magnets I create. Magnetic chalkboard it is!

I didn’t want to use magnetic paint but instead wanted metal as a backer, mainly because it gives a stronger magnetic surface for magnets to stick to.

I found this Tut:

Here is the frame before I started, I will post pics as I go:


I’ve been beating my head on the Skullery table trying to think of something I can create. This will be my first official art doll, although others have been started and set aside, this one is screaming at me as to what it wants to be and look like.
I have made many full sized Halloween props so to say this is my first of something new… just feels odd.
I have to say that it feels good to be creating again. I have to force myself to stop playing in the Skullery at night and go decompress from the day before I go to bed.

Here are a few picks of the Reapling in progress. Yes you will see that the Poly Clay is over cooked, mainly due to the numerous times he has been in the oven for different parts/pieces to cure. I’m still a newbie at Poly Clay and have many little techniques to learn.


The Reapling is getting closer to being finished. I need to finish up on his cloak w/hood and possibly add a few details and wala.

Here is a quick cell phone pic I took this a.m.

Worked on Mauly again, I’m getting closer and closer to finishing her. I got her arms and hands done, re-ridged her head, and bulked out her ribcage.

My next obstacle with her will be her pigtails. I want to make pigtails that look like pumpkin guts. I have an idea how I’m going to do it, lets see how frustrated it makes me…heh.


That would be Mache with a long A. I’m working on Mauly this weekend and I’m going to be making some witch jars as well.

Mauly is covered in paper towel mache now, I still need to build her left arm, her right hand, add some rooty’ness to her base and then covered her with TP mache. I’ve already covered her foam pumpkin head with TP mache to give her some wrinkles.

Mauly after skinning

Mauly head after TP mache

The day I finished Cucur I started work on Mauly. Mauly is a small female companion to Cucur. She will be partial height, roughly 3ft tall and may be holding hands with Cucur… you will have to watch and see.

More photos of Mauly and photos of Cucur can be found in the Gallery.

Here are a couple work in progress pics:

Mauly - starting to get the pose rightMauly - looking up

I finally start working on props this last weekend. You know, its funny about me making props and art. It is all I think about during my waking hours… ok yes, there is an occasional ‘other’ thought that pops into me head here and there.
::: giggles ::: But for the most part…it’s art.

The problem lies in getting started. Getting started is the largest step…no leap that I have to take. I’m not exactly sure why… laziness? procrastination? fear of failure or disappointment? all of the above? I’m not sure…maybe its a tinge of all of them, including the ‘all of the above’. Heh…

So I did take the leap this last weekend and had actually looked forward to it over the week. Beside Cucur… which I have named this particular Pumpkin Rot style prop, at least for now that is his name, I started on the heads for the ghosts I’m going to make.

Here are a couple of shots, from my Blackberry again, of Cucur. He isn’t complete by any means…



I’ve been slowly working on the pumpkin rottin patch. Here is the first guy in progress. I added his teeth, some larger ridges on his head, pupils, the mounting PVC to his neck and a few coats of SoC. I also made the ribcage, out of newspaper, wire and masking tape.

I need to add another coat of Soc to the head, over the air dry clayed teeth and ridges, and to the ribcage.
I also need to get all of the other nasty bits in place for his arms, hands and hanging down things…heh.

Sorry the pictures are crappy… I took them with my Blackberry this morning on the way out the door.



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