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The Reapling is finished. He has always wondered about this thing they call Halloween, after all, many people dress up as him that night. So what was death to do? Carve a pumpkin!!

I am very much in the learning phase on photoing small dolls and to get the hang of my SLR Digital. What you can’t see from the photo is that there are pumpkin seeds in the bottom of the pumpkin, and the rest of his cloak. I will get some more pics of him, maybe out in the garden.

I’ve been beating my head on the Skullery table trying to think of something I can create. This will be my first official art doll, although others have been started and set aside, this one is screaming at me as to what it wants to be and look like.
I have made many full sized Halloween props so to say this is my first of something new… just feels odd.
I have to say that it feels good to be creating again. I have to force myself to stop playing in the Skullery at night and go decompress from the day before I go to bed.

Here are a few picks of the Reapling in progress. Yes you will see that the Poly Clay is over cooked, mainly due to the numerous times he has been in the oven for different parts/pieces to cure. I’m still a newbie at Poly Clay and have many little techniques to learn.


The Reapling is getting closer to being finished. I need to finish up on his cloak w/hood and possibly add a few details and wala.

Here is a quick cell phone pic I took this a.m.

Mauly is finished. There are a few details I want to add but don’t have time to due to the fact that I’m taking her to work until Halloween.

I was going to add pigtails to her but until I figure out a way to make them not look so ‘cutesy’ I will leave her be. She warned me that if I made her too girlish, she would sit and stare at me when I’m sleeping.

I only had time to snap one photo of her so far…


Worked on Mauly again, I’m getting closer and closer to finishing her. I got her arms and hands done, re-ridged her head, and bulked out her ribcage.

My next obstacle with her will be her pigtails. I want to make pigtails that look like pumpkin guts. I have an idea how I’m going to do it, lets see how frustrated it makes me…heh.


I’ve finally gotten Cucur finished. Only took 4 hours of hand painting to get him done…phew. Layer on layer on layer… don’t like that layer, re-layer, layer. Needs more highlights, layer.

So the paint went: Black base coat, dark brown heavy dry brush, lighter brown dry brush, grey’ish dry brush (didn’t like that layer, had to much blue tint), Antique white light dry brush over grey. I’m not putting a sealant coat over the paint. I did seal the mache with Polyurethane so I’m not worried about him falling apart. Why am I not sealing him? I can’t find a sealant that is not shiny, even though it says ‘Flat’ or ‘Matte’ it always tends to be shiny.

Oh, and I attempted to use tissue paper on this guy, not toilet paper but the tissue paper that you use in gifts. It doesn’t absorb for nothing and is so slick it is hard to get a texture.

I’m posting all the pictures I’ve taken so far over in The Gallery, I need to get some night shots but since I live in Alaska and its not fully dark until about 10pm,  it’s a bit difficult.

He stands 5′ 6″ and will either stand with the wooden stand or can be slid over rebar.


I’ve been slowly working on the pumpkin rottin patch. Here is the first guy in progress. I added his teeth, some larger ridges on his head, pupils, the mounting PVC to his neck and a few coats of SoC. I also made the ribcage, out of newspaper, wire and masking tape.

I need to add another coat of Soc to the head, over the air dry clayed teeth and ridges, and to the ribcage.
I also need to get all of the other nasty bits in place for his arms, hands and hanging down things…heh.

Sorry the pictures are crappy… I took them with my Blackberry this morning on the way out the door.



So I FINALLY got off my butt and started working on props. I had started on paper mache pumpkins a few months ago, became irriated with em’ due to how slow they were going, and set them aside to save them from my irritable ‘must destroy prop’ wraith.
No, I don’t normally go around destroying my props but I do get a lack of patience’itis streak and abandon them for long periods of time. The pumpkins witnessed this streak, even though there were abandon in my living room, I would glare at them on every passing.

The Technique I decided to use was Stolloweens, which can be found here.

They, the pumpkins, are going to be turned into Pumpkin Rot style pumpkins, see example here. I utimately want to make 6 total and have them in a grouping that will start with a ground level pumpkin going up to about a 6-7 feet tall Rot.

Here are the heads in progress, at this point they are a couple of layers of paper mache with one layer of Sculpt or Coat with tissue. Yes, the teeth will be added later, I started cutting them out tediously and yes…the ‘itis kicked in and *zip* off they went.



So I followed Ghoul Fridays idea and made me very own little pumpkins. I couldn’t help but use her idea, hers are so darned cute!

Here they are…

Lil' Minions

King of the Heap

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