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I started working on the canvas backdrops for my Halloween display at work. I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a Haunted Victorian scene. I have 8 large, 4′ x 3′ canvas’s that I had bought at auction numerous years ago with the intention of re-purposing them. They are the ‘Made in China’ ones that you can get at retail stores that have different scenes painted on them. I got all 8 for $47, with the auction fee. I think they run around $30-$40 each normally, so I scored!
I am using two of them long ways, since the ‘table’ that will be in the display is 8ft long. I have bought black and white Victorian Damask fabric that I’m using as the wallpaper. I used Instant Coffee in warm/hot water to uniformly stain the fabric, then threw it in the dryer. In the picture below the fabric on the right is the original and on the left is a test for the distressing I wanted to do.



I then laid it out on the canvas to figure out where I wanted the seams of the wallpaper to be, which I didn’t want to be centered on the canvas.



Once I had it where I wanted it, I marked on the fabric so that I could line it back up. There are three strips of fabric in the above picture, I removed one at a time, put down Paverpol on the canvas and wet and wringed the fabric before laying back in place. The Paverpol takes about 24 hours to dry so I had time to adjust the fabric and make it look like ‘failing’ wallpaper. The reason I wet the fabric is two fold. One it is easier to work with and secondly, I wanted to use Alcohol inks and more Instant Coffee to distress it, they both take better to wet fabric.

After the fabric was laid  back on the Canvas, I puckered the fabric in places and made the seams more visible, like old wallpaper would fail. I lifted some of the edges and placed balled up plastic wrap underneath for support. Below is a picture when it is still wet.


I spritzed it with alcohol ink in places then dabbed it so that it didn’t have a spritzed look. Then I added dry Install Coffee chunks in places and dripped water over the top to make the dark spots.


The fabric is dry this morning but I am adding a few more distresses to it. I will post more WIPs or when it is finished.



Fundraising at work has me in The Skullery again. We are having a pumpkin carving Silent Auction/Contest for United way, along with a bake sale of spooky treats. Before my Wicket went to puppy heaven I decided that I was going to enter a pumpkin, I asked the organizer if fake pumpkins along with mixed media would be allowed, yes! Wooo Hooo!!
I’ve always wanted to create a diorama inside a fake pumpkin. So I did… in three days. The Friday before Wickets passing I had gone and purchased the pumpkin, and a few odds and in’s for the creation but come Sunday, the day I had to let me Wicket go, I was in no shape to create much less do anything useful. Come the following Friday I decided to pick it up again and bust butt to get it done. I’m always amazed at what I can do under a deadline but hate doing things that way. I tend to cut corners, that I would normally never do in my perfectionist world.

So babbling and yammering aside, here is the newest Halloween creation:







I hit the Skullery again, yay!! We have a United Way fundraiser at work every year and for the last couple of years I have wanted to donate to the Silent Auction. I made the decision I was doing it this year, so to make sure I didn’t get lazy I told people I would donate a OoAK art doll of a Halloween theme.

I knew I was going to make a Ghost. I didn’t want anything spooky but not to cutesy either. I have always loved the classic ghost with the bed sheet form, now to figure out how and what the scene should be. Secondly I wanted a pumpkin, I also had to figure out how to manage that too.

The ideas formed but how to bring the two together in a story line? AH HA moment hit me, he would be the Ghost of Peter D. Pumpkin Eater!

The Pumpkin is Poly Clay. I formed it around a Styrofoam ball and during the baking the ball shrinks so that you can get it out. I don’t recommend this. Not only do you need to ventilate your house, it is not good for the oven, which I use my actual kitchen oven for instead of a counter top toaster oven.  The tombstone is wood from my 30+ year old cedar fence, wood burned with Peter’s name. The Ghost is a form created with an armature covered in Plumbers putty, which I built up a bit for the body and to hold the arms in place. Over that Plumbers putty is air dry clay for the head, to make the eyes and mouth. The sheet is an actual bed sheet dipped in Paverpol and draped over the body form. I love Paverpol! The pumpkin guts are poly clay seeds with orange string and Carpet Latex as the yellowy guts part.

Here are the before and after photos:



















Hello interweb friends… I’m alive!

For those that don’t follow me on Facebook, well you should because I tend to update more over there, I have been busy before Christmas with creating a Jack Skellington and Zero for a Christmas Door Decorating Contest. There were three categories  Most Traditional, Most Original and Most Tackiest door, then there was a Judges Favorite award as well.  I toyed with the idea of doing a Scrooge with the three Ghosts but knew I didn’t have enough time to create 4 full sized bodies, heck I barely was able to get Jack, Zero and the Evil Wreath completed in time. The outcome of the contest? I won Most Original and the group that won Most Traditional also won Judges Favorite…even though numerous people came and told me that ours should have won.

I had thought about telling people they were for sale but didn’t know how well that would fly at work, didn’t want them to say I was moonlighting at work, etc. To my surprise, people asked me instead! So as of tomorrow, they both go to new homes. The lady that bought Jack wanted to buy both Jack and Zero but I had already promised Zero to someone else, so I told her that I would make her another Zero.

I paid the price by making these two guys in 40 hours. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is PISSED off. I need to go in and have Physical Therapy, I’m waiting on the Doc’s office to tell me that they faxed the referral over. My Doc’s office seem to take a very long time to do anything. It took them three weeks to get back with me on the results of the MRI on my knee. Good thing I wasn’t fighting cancer and needed to start Chemo right away! The only reason I keep going there is because it is where I use to work. The MRI results? I may have a partial tear of my ACL in my right knee. Have an appointment with an Ortho next week to get my knee evaluated.

Enough of that… Here are a few photos of Jack and Zero:

Jack and Zero Zero and Wreath Zero 2 Jacks hand 2 Jacks Hand Jack's head

I started a new craft, Needle Felting. I had never been interested in it before due to the items that I have seen produced weren’t in my…genre, of things I like. Not in to Flowers and foo foo things really.
I believe I started looking for another craft out of pure withdrawals. My house has been in a state of utter chaos since last summer, due to the remodel. Once the Windows were installed in September the Weatherization program came in to do the Weatherization for me and ended up replacing my furnace. The furnace was trying to kill us, it was spiking Carbon Monoxide in the house.

Because of all of the work going on, my craft room had been emptied into my living room, and not in an orderly type way. Months later, after having been rather not in the mood for crafting, I found myself aching to do something…anything. I bought some UV curing resin and started making doll eyes. Made a few sets, but then wanted to put them in dolls, ugh.

Saw some felted items floating around FB or other Blogs and decided I should give it a try. I can always make OTHER type items besides flowers and foo foo stuff right? Researched…researched some more, ask a few questions, found out there are a few dog loving ladies that felt dogs here in town. Went to Michaels, bought a kit and a few needles. I already had Wool Roving for making dolls hair, but the kit had everything I needed.
Below is a picture of the little Hug Monster that I made. Not what the kit called it mind you. I gave it to Sue at work, she was retiring after many many years of working at Dept. Public Safety. It took me about 5-6 hours.


I have a new creation started. I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is but will show you a bit of a peak at what will be apart of it.

Finally got back in the Skullery. I believe the dreams that I have been…delighted with, the last few nights are the push I needed. Gotta love the subconscious.
I have had the idea to create name plaques for my co-worker and I for a couple of years, but more recently came up with the idea to create a new door marker plaque as well. The more recent idea turned into, get all of them done at once. I surprised myself with how quickly I finished the door marker and jumped over to the name plaque’s, I had all the supplies out after all.

The Small Computer Support sign is computer parts with the exception of the lettering.  I wanted the letters to look like metal wire that was soldered together. Since I didn’t have any solder I needed to make them, poly clay did the trick. I hand rolled the clay, shaped and then used liquid Sculpey to mimic the soldering points.
The name plaques again are just computer parts and the letters are poly clay. I printed out two different fonts, laid it over rolled out poly clay and used an embossing tool to trace around the font lines. Removed the paper then used an Exact-o to cut out the fonts along the emboss line.

I finished the chalk holder for the latest Ghostling. Overall height is just under 12 inches and it can either be hung on a wall or propped up on a shelf. The chalkboard is delicate and not meant for heavy duty use. It will go in my Etsy store once I have it opened for business. I have a few more pieces to complete before I open it. I will eventually get a new camera and make a photo box to get better shots.

I finally got in the Skullery this weekend and man it felt good. I had a partially finished Ghostling sitting on the table for months and months…not anymore! I finished it, well almost, I need to find something to hold chalk. Yup you heard me right, hold chalk.

Here is a sneak peak…

I don’t remember if I have posted any of my old CG Art from years ago. I had started dabbling with a Program called Poser many years ago. Digital art is much less messy than physical art and takes up much less space for all of the equipment needed. The problem I found with it… I wasn’t working with my hands like I prefer to do so I wasn’t getting the satisfaction from it. It has been years so I have picked up the mouse/Wacom Tablet and started playing…and it may be many years before I do it again.

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