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Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my Wicket has gained his angel wings. I still cry on a daily basis and at times it can be the oddest thing that sets it off. Typically though it is once I have laid down to go to bed, when my brain gets to roam free and not think of work or daily chores that I find despair again. There are times that something on the TV will set me off and on occasion I will find myself in the bathroom at work quietly crying. I miss him beyond anything I can put in to words but I move forward with his memories and knowing that he is always with me. I will be making a memorial shadow box soon, I just need to get a picture printed of him and paint the box that I picked up for his cremains, I don’t know how I’m going to paint it yet, but it will come.

Wicket helped me make some awesome friends. If it wasn’t for my little man, and me wanting him to meet new puppy friends and get exercise at the Dog Park, I would not have met the group of people that came together to have a Memorial Bead made for me. The bead was made by an awesome artist, and fellow dog friend, Elise Strauss. She makes beautiful glass lampwork beads along with the Memorial beads. You can see her work on her business page Koi Creek Beadworks¬†and see some items on her Etsy site.

Below is a picture of the bead Elise made, I can’t thank everyone enough that came together to do this for me and my Wicket. The swirls in the glass are Wickets Cremains…

Wickets Bead

Last year a wrote a post for all the dogs that I have had, as an adult, that have passed, you can see their stories here. This year I find myself still mourning the loss of my Wicket that I had to let go of so he could go to puppy heaven, just 12 days ago. I truly miss him beyond anything I could possibly put into words. I have sobbed and wailed, cried silently, cussed the Universe and finally found myself talking to him at times and pictured him with little wings. I’ve seen him run as fast as he can through the fields and prayed that he comes to comfort me when I need him. I seem to still need him…

Having said all that, I will now bring you his story and give you some in sight into who the little man had becoming. Wicket was rescued by the Police Dept. and Animal Control on January 12th 2012. He and 38 other dogs were found to be living in disgusting conditions. The floors were covered in feces, urine and yuck and there were cages everywhere filled with dogs. The cages were also filled with feces, urine and yuck. The dogs were covered in sores, matted fur, infection and they were also malnourished. The ‘men’ that did this were Dog Show fanatics that were hoarding and attempting to be a puppy mill.

I saw Wicket on the Polar Pug Rescue and Friends website in March. I had just lost my Whisper to cancer and still had my Bear, with his own health issue. I watched Bear to see how he was doing being an only dog. I didn’t want to go on impulse, even though I was totally taken by Wickets picture, and instead wanted to make sure that Bear would be ok with getting another dog. I thought about Wicket almost everyday until I could take it no longer. I put in my application for him, I believe near the end of March and heard back rather quickly from Vickie Young of PPRaF. I went to meet him… I was done, I wanted to run out the door with the little guy in my arms! He had me wrapped around his little stubby tail from first muzzle nudge. I believe that was a Friday and I had the little guy at my home by Monday.
I was and still am, inside out in love with that little man. I have never had such a strong connection with any of my dogs. I don’t want to make them sound less loved, no…not what I mean. Wicket and I connected, he read me, I read him…he was my puppy soul mate.

He was a silly little man. He loved to run and bark. He would chase after dogs that were running and would bark the whole time. If any dog barked or started a scuffle near by, he would run to them barking and and get between the grumblers. He was the ‘police dog’ or referee, even though he was a gentle little man. He would play with toys as long as I played with him. He would rather have me play bite on his legs and head so he could play bite me back.
He loved Romaine lettuce, Sardines, Cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt. He loved looking out the window when we went for a truck ride and loved going to the pet stores to pick out his own puppy chews.

Everyone that met him or saw him, fell in love with his ears and how expressive his face was. You could read him by his eyes and he almost always looked like he was frowning although that was just his mouth shape, his ears and stumpy tail would give away how happy he really was.

While I was writing this on Halloween night, I received a call from the vet clinic telling me his ashes are ready for pickup. I will be bringing him home on Dia de los Angelitos day.

Here are a few pictures of my little man. The first one is the picture I saw of him on the rescue site and progress on to more current times.


The day he adopted me, April 9th 2012











I’m such a bad Blog Mom. I have ignored the poor thing and I feel badly for it. I should get back to posting cool spooky stuff but find my time management to be rather lacking.

As far as life updates go… I’m working through some medical stuff but it has forced me to change what I eat. No more Gluten and limited Dairy, for me. I have lost 12 pounds since July 20th and have numerous poundies to go. I have found with going Gluten free that my head is less cloudy, my memory is better and my inner children possess me much more often.

Wicket is doing what Wicket does, which is just being total awesome. The silly boy makes me smile every day. ūüôā

Mom is hanging in there. Her CT Scan came back with the results of: No new tumors and the tumors she does have either have shrunk or have not changed. Could be better news, but it isn’t necessarily bad news. She is looking at the possibility of a second opinion due to her Oncologist telling her that the Chemo is done and there is nothing more to try.

I’m working on a Doll for a Silent Auction that we are having at work for United Way. I will post pics later after I get it closer to being done.

**Update** Camera SOLD


I am selling my Olympus Digital SLR camera. You can see the details below and I will only take payment through PayPal unless you live local and then it is Cash only.


Olympus EVOLT E-500 Digital SLR Camera

$375.00 includes shipping to the U.S. vis USPS


Price includes the below list:

  • Olympus EVOLT E-500 Digital SLR Camera
  • Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm lens
  • Olympus Zuiko 14-45mm lens
  • 2x – Quantaray UV Filter 58mm
  • Quantaray Circular PL Filter 58mm
  • Olympus Lens Hood LH-61B
  • Olympus Lens Hood LH-61
  • Olympus Manual and Quick Start guide
  • USB and AV cables
  • Olympus Battery Charger BCM-2
  • 2x – Olympus Batteries PS-BLM1
  • Olympus Remote Control RM-1
  • 2x – 1gb XD Cards
  • Olympus XD 6 card holder
  • Lowepro Sling Shot 200AW Backpack


LowPro LowProBackOlympusE500

OlympusE500D OlympusE500E OlympusE500F OlympusE500G OlympusE500H OlympusE500I

Mom and I are home from the WCHC in Portland, Oregon!! It was awesome! I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t hang out with people or do many of the things I would have. Next year I will know my surroundings and be all over everything.
We did go to one seminar, which was Drew Pierce of Cut Throat Studios on how to rust and dirty things up. I felt right at home with him talking, my inner children were bouncing in their seats.¬†We also saw some old friends, family and went to the Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden. We drove around in Battle Ground and Brush Prairie to get an idea of the area. I seriously can’t wait to get down there.

One thing I would really like to do is to get a booth down there. I don’t know if I could do it while living up here though. Getting everything down there via plane would be a bit tricky. I would want to decorate my booth, instead of having the plain Jane look, so that would be hard to do and then ship. I was thinking I could split a booth with someone and it would be cheaper and easier to man. Taking food and bathroom breaks when your alone would kinda suck.

On a different note… my hair has grown fast! I’m going to get it trimmed tomorrow. I’m liking it short, it is sooooo easy! Plus I have no clue what kind of style I want to try to grow it to.

Well I’ve gone and done it. If you follow me on Facebook this won’t be news to you, but the emotions behind it and the story itself, may be. I will keep you guessing for a few more seconds, unless of course you’re a ‘jump aheader’ like I am and you’ve already looked at the pictures. I’m going to go into the how I feel/felt about what I did and I will post updates later on my experiences with the public and friends. What did I do… I shaved my head down to a short buzz cut. Why? Several reasons really, but the main decision in doing it was for my Mom or Fama as I will call her from here on out.

My Fama has Stage 4 Lung Cancer and by the second round of Chemo her hair was falling out in handfuls. To give you a taste of the horror she felt: she is a woman that spent a lot of money on her hair, constantly having it trimmed, playing with it in the mirror, etc., to feeling something strange around your ankles and feet in the shower to look down in shear terror to see a mound of hair. Looking in the mirror daily or hourly to see what was left and to finally have to make a heart breaking decision to go to your friend, that owns a hair salon, and ask her to buzz it all off.
I will admit my Fama is a vain women about her appearance. To her defense it was partially due to her upbringing and then was also a result of her owning a business in insurance, that was back in the day to be a man run/owned field of business. The upbringing was deep south, Georgia and Alabama and I don’t need to explain any of that, most understand immediately.
So as you can see, the hair loss for my Fama was like loosing a very large part of who she has believed herself to be. I knew the hair loss would happen and knew there would be nothing I could do to stop it, the only thing I could do is support her, but how? How do you support something like that? Yes I could tell her how awesome she looks and it is no where near as bad as she thinks it is. She does look awesome by the way.

So I set my mind in motion and started thinking of what it is I could do, which my inner children had already decided on. How could I shave my head? I’m the girl that went to school dances, dancing with a brush in my hand in case my hair was messed up. I literally did not leave the house without a brush or comb. My hair has not been shorter than mid back since I was 12. I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was in 6th grade! Except for the occasional perm, which I always swore to never do again, I believe I’ve had three total in my life, the last one being in 94′ when I was married. I wanted something easy for swimming in the ocean.
The other thing my own vanity has chased me around with is my grey streaks. I have always wanted grey streaks framing my face, and I had them!!! They grew naturally EXACTLY where I wanted them. How could I give those up!!

How could ‘I’ shave my head willingly?! I let my mind mill over the idea, and yes, my inner children had already decided it was to be done. The more I became comfortable with the idea the more free’er I felt. My inhibitions were falling away slowly. Think of how quick a shower would be! On the weekends I dreaded having to get up and take a shower due to how long it took to wash and condition, then get out and have to blow dry my hair. The makeup part doesn’t take long, mascara only, so my hair was always the ordeal. What about having bed head and having someone come to the door? I have a glass front house, there is no hiding from them.
Oh and hats!! I couldn’t wear hats. My hair was/is baby fine and does not look good with hats. It gets smooshed down and then my bangs were an issue. I want to wear hats and can/have to now for sun protection. Woooo Hooo!
It was decided… I’m shaving my head!! I literally came to this conclusion very quickly, and only days ago. I friend of mine had posted on FB May 21st that she was going to cut her hair at the Relay for Life Celebration. She is also very attached to her hair, so she is only getting it cut short, not a buzz cut and her Dad, that is the Cancer survivor, will be doing the honors of cutting her ponytail. The Relay is on June 1st and since I wouldn’t be here, but instead in Portland, I had to set the ball in motion fast. I got a hold of Cindy Powell, that organized the Relay event, and asked which Beauty Salon was donating their services and how to go about getting the hair to her for donation. The planets truly aligned… Cindy is also a friend of mine so she was willing to meet me at the Salon to get the hair. Also, the Salon donated their services to me, even though I was going to their Salon and taking up a paying customers chair time! I have to thank Trina at the Beauty Room for her services. Although she was getting choked up at first over why I was doing it, she came through like a trooper and did an awesome job!!
My hair is being donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths which is partnered with American Cancer Society to make and donate free wigs to women with Cancer.
I ask that if you are going to donate your hair and you want it to go to someone with Cancer to be given as a free wig, please donate to Pantene, or do your research on who you are donating to. I won’t mention their name but the other ‘well known’ place that people donate to does not donate their wigs, instead they charge, and very few if any go to Cancer patients.

So the decision was made, the hair was cut. I wasn’t nervous until I sat my butt in the chair and knew it was going to happen. I wasn’t nervous enough to run out screaming, I had just enough of the ‘what the hell will my head look like?’ or ‘Am I going to look like a man?’ or ‘how cold is my head going to get?’
What do I think now? Oh my word!! It is awesome! No muss no fuss. I did use too much shampoo and conditioner yesterday, I came home and took a shower due to all the little prickly hairs being everywhere. I didn’t know what to do after I got out of the shower. I will admit I have found myself going to sweep my hair back, out of habit, and when I put my shirt on after the shower I instantly went to pull my hair out from under my shirt. LOL!

I will post more as I meet people or see how people react in public. I’m sure I will tell more on Facebook, so if you want to follow the bouncing ball, come over and friend me.

Now for some pictures:

First picture is of the pigtails that were being put all over so that we could get the max amount of hair. The second picture is washing the prickly hairs away so she can neat’n up and trim.

Pigtails before cut

Washing away the prickly hairs

Now for the video of the whole process ūüėÄ

I will be going on vacation May 29th through June 5th to Portland. As you may know from a previous post, my Mom has cancer and has a poor prognosis. The vacation was originally for me to go to the West Coast Haunters Convention, and it still is, but we have turned it also into a Mother/Daughter vacation. My Mom took care of my Da when he had cancer and eventually passed this last August, and she needs some time off just as much as I do.

Now to the Panhandling… I am not desperate for money and very thankful that I can keep my own head above water. I had the idea of setting up a Fundraiser, otherwise known as a ‘give me money for no other reason than you have it to spare‘ raiser. I want to be able to pay for dinner and other misc. things when we go down to Portland and not struggle when I come home.
Yes, I am throwing my pride and ID to the wind and¬†shamelessly¬†asking for¬†monetary¬†assistance. Will I cry if I don’t get any…no. Will I go to the nearest Pet Store in Portland to buy Wicket goodies if there is some money donated…you friggen betcha!!
If you donate, with stipulations that I use the money for Wicket, dinner, whatever, I promise that I will do just that and take photo’s of what I buy. Keep in mind, I do not drink so if you say I must go out and party with it, my style of partying may be different than your style of partying.

Here is Wicket’s Cardboard sign. I tried to get him to say something about Vacation money but he refused. He stated something about snow and cold and he is fed up with not being able to play outside, at least I think that is what he was saying, he did have a toy in his mouth at the time.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the Fun-raiser site Click on picture to go to Donation Page


Wow! I am always amazed by how long it has been since I posted last. Once life calms down, again, I should be able to post more. This year has been an whirlwind where family events are concerned.

In a nut shell I will sum up the lack of posting and ask for some prayers and warm wishes to add to the mix.
As some of you know my Da passed last August, a month or so ago we found out my Fama (Mom) has cancer as well and was given 2-6 months to live. We don’t know the type of cancer yet, but should find out with the second liver biopsy that she had to do. The cancer is in numerous locations including, Lung, Liver,¬†Lymph-nodes,¬†Thyroid¬†and Adrenal Gland.
But wait folks,¬†that’s¬†not all! My brother ended up in the ER with severe back pain and it ended up being Kidney Stones. During the Ultrasound or CT Scan, I don’t remember which, they found he had some sort of mass on his Kidney. He had an MRI, which they are waiting to see the Doc for, but reading the results says it is a Renal Cyst. That could be a really good thing or a bad thing.

In a previous post I explained by Carpal Tunnel surgery. I was still having pain at 3 months of healing so I spoke to the hand Doc at my last checkup. He poked around, did some x-rays and found that I have CMC Joint arthritis. Basically it is arthritis at the thumb joint, the joint that is connect to the palm of your hand. Kinda sucks and since it is early in the onset, there is nothing to do but support the joint when I’m going to over use it.
I also went to a Dermatologist and got a whole body check for all the moles and various spots I have. I had one on my upper wrist that would worry some Docs when I saw them for other things and it was starting to worry me a bit. Had it cut out and biopsied, turned out to be pre-cancerous so they let it heal for 4 weeks and I went back to have it frozen with Liquid Nitrogen. Since I have numerous other spots that are starting out the same way I have to wear 30 SPF when I go outside and I have to cover up, including a hat. AWESOME!! BUT, at least I caught it in time!

I’m trying to think if there is anything else…. Not like all of that isn’t enough! I pray that Wicket stays healthy, not sure how much more I can shoulder if I don’t have my little man to bring me out of it.

In good news… I have my airline tickets, hotel and admittance tickets for West Coast Haunters Convention that is coming up in June. The plan is for Mom to go down with me but if she is too sick or has passed, I will go alone. I will be down in Portland, Oregon for a week and while I’m there I’m going to look around Vancouver, Washington for locations to move to.

Other than that, I haven’t been in the craftroom since December. ¬†I need to make stuff to sell, I need the extra money for the trip, but I am so tired when I get home from work I don’t feel like doing anything other than staring at the computer and TV.

Enough of all the drama… go get your Spooky on!!


I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery on the 18th of January, had the stitches removed the 30th of January and started Physical Therapy, which I was already going to for Tennis Elbow. The hand is much better than before but it is still healing so I get a twinge of numbness zingers and dull pain with certain movements or when weight bearing a certain way, which is normal. It takes roughly 3 months for one to be completely back to normal, but you get use back in your hand at four weeks.
The Physical Therapist gave me the go ahead to get back in the Craft room!! Wooooo Hooooo!! She wants me to start out slow and not over do it. We are working on the strength building in my arms so that I don’t have the Tennis Elbow problem any longer, man am I out of shape!
I’ve been meaning to ask her for a copy of the stretches she gave me to do so that I can post for all the Crafters out there who tend to do a lot of work with their hands and sit bent elbowed. Matter o’fact I just emailed her on Facebook asking if there is anything I can post to help out the Artisty friends.
So I’m on my way to healing up… YAY!!

In other importantay news: I’m fostering a pup for Polar Pug Rescue & Friends. Her name is Charlotte and she has a 98% chance of being related to my Wicket man. She is a Brussels Griffon/Italian Greyhound mix and boy is she a handful! She has been in rescue for roughly a year, mainly due to her fear issues. She is very fearful of men, since she was abused by two men for possibly her whole life, she is roughly 2-3 years old, she also doesn’t do well around new people.
She LOVES toys and is food motivated, she is learning Potty Training, which she really didn’t have much concept of. She doesn’t do well to harsh vocal punishment but does do well with a well timed AhAh instead of NO. She is very smart and it doesn’t do her much good at times. Every noise she hears she believes she must listen intently to, because after all Zombies can be sneaky. The only time I have heard her bark is when she see’s someone outside the house and once when I put on a big puffy coat in a different room, than she was in, and when she saw me she didn’t recognize me until I spoke to her. She kennels well, once you catch her, she is Italian Greyhound FAST and can bob and weave like you can’t believe. I typically have to corner her in a kennel and reach in and pick her up, to get her to wherever it is she thought she didn’t want to go. Luckily she isn’t fear aggressive and doesn’t try to fight back, at least from what I have seen. ¬†I’m sure if you were a male Zombie she might try to take your arm off, but that would be totally acceptable behavior and awarded with yummy treats.

My Wicket man was not impressed with having her at the house and wanted her to leave. He would plead with me, by way of pouty Griffon face and sad teary eyes, but I explain to him that she is family and needs help to overcome being scared so she can find a loving home like he has. Honestly though, if I see it affecting him too much I will return her to the Rescue. I won’t risk him going backwards in his own ‘finding himself’ that he still seems to be doing.

**Update** I took Charlotte back to the Rescue. She is too energetic for Wicket and keeps hurting him on accident, trying to play. He started shutting down around her so I won’t risk him getting hurt worse, especially with a back problem.

Here are a few pictures of Miss Charlotte, or Lady Charlotte:

CharlotteCharlotte with the ToysWicket and Charlotte

Well the crafting has come to a¬†screeching¬†halt. I over did it when I was creating Jack and Zero for the Christmas contest and pissed off my Carpal Tunnel. The pain wasn’t going away and in fact was worse than it had ever been so I figured it was time to go back to the Doctor to get it checked out again.
I asked my family Doc to send me to a local Hand Doctor specialist to see what was going on. They sent me to get a Nerve Study done and to Physical Therapy for my Tennis Elbow. The study showed that I have mild Carpal Tunnel in my left hand and moderate to severe CT in my right that will require surgery. Two years ago I had mild CT in my right only and no nerve involvement. I go back on Monday to the hand specialist to see when we are going to do the surgery. Yes, I am right handed so it will be a bit of a struggle for the first few days and then we will see if we are going to do the left after I heal up, but it isn’t needed at this point.

I was back in the crafting groove too!! Now I have to keep telling myself that I will get back to it, just have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to be back in the saddle as fast as I can without causing permanent damage.


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