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Laurie has completed her Ophelia the Witch full sized art sculpt.
Lauriebeast at Halloween Forum
Lauriebeast’s Photobucket

Ophelia is absolutly gorgeous, if you can say that about an old hag. Heh!

Here is what Laurie’s comments were on creating her:
I finally finished this old gal. She was fun and challenging, but I really enjoyed every aspect of this build.
Her head and arms/hands were made using styrofoam, Celluclay, and Paperclay. Her body was made using wadded up newspaper, fiberfill stuffing, and quilt batting. Her stand is made of 3/4″ galvanized pipe and a 24″ round plywood base with castors.
The eyes are handpainted over a downloaded iris print after being glued onto a 1″ wooden ball. Eyelashes were applied using fake ones trimmed and inserted into tiny holes with super glue.
The outfit is a combination of vintage textiles (shawl, apron, and skirt) as well as newer fabric. I used both fabric dye and acrylic paint to dirty her up.
Her hair is made up of very small pieces of an acrylic wig and glued on. She stands 5’6″ tall.
Here are a couple of photos of Ophelia. Clicking on the picture will take you to the photo album of Ophelia.



I ran across these how-to’s over on Pumpkin Rots blog a while ago and decided I had to have a few of these. I’ve started the heads, which I’m not going to leave as just wig heads. Plus, I’m going to make a few that look like they are coming out of a wall, so some will have 1/2 bodies, some 1/4 bodies, etc.

Here is the link to the how to at www.Oct31st.org.


I finally start working on props this last weekend. You know, its funny about me making props and art. It is all I think about during my waking hours… ok yes, there is an occasional ‘other’ thought that pops into me head here and there.
::: giggles ::: But for the most part…it’s art.

The problem lies in getting started. Getting started is the largest step…no leap that I have to take. I’m not exactly sure why… laziness? procrastination? fear of failure or disappointment? all of the above? I’m not sure…maybe its a tinge of all of them, including the ‘all of the above’. Heh…

So I did take the leap this last weekend and had actually looked forward to it over the week. Beside Cucur… which I have named this particular Pumpkin Rot style prop, at least for now that is his name, I started on the heads for the ghosts I’m going to make.

Here are a couple of shots, from my Blackberry again, of Cucur. He isn’t complete by any means…



Dave of the Dead over at The Shadow Farm has graced us once again with one more of his brilliantly imaginative creations.
I wish I could peel open his head and steal his talent. He leaves me stunned everytime I look at his props. No matter how many times I’ve seen them, I find some detail I didn’t notice before and the awe starts yet again.
He both inspires and intimitates at the same time.

His newest creation is The Flagbearer… Dave states on the Flagbearer blog entry:

“A new character for the Shadow Farm Graveyard, the Flagbearer is the leader of a morbid procession. Keep an eye out for future members of this grim parade.”

Here are a couple of photos. Click on the picture to go straight to the blog entry.



Ghoul Friday is once again creating her spooktacular mini minions next door in Canada.

She has created Mini Peek-a-Boo plants for the Festival of Fear, along with other mini props.

Check these little ‘eye catching’ critters out…
Click on the image to go directly to Fridays Mini Peek-a-Boo blog entry.


So I decided to go a’searching for some Halloween crafting ideas and decided to start over at PumpkinRot’s blog. After all I had to see what he has masterfully created lately right?

So check out what I found and absolutely love.

Click on image to go directly to the Witch Jar blog entry.

Witch Jars

Lauriebeast at Halloween Forum
Lauriebeast’s Photobucket

She has done it again!!! This is Ophelia the Witch and she is amazing! She isn’t complete yet, Laurie has yet to dress her. I will keep watch for the completed Ophelia and post her as soon as she is finished, until then…check this out:

PumpkinRot has done it yet again. At this point I don’t think he will ever stop, and I truly hope he never does.

Here are The Sentinels


So Dave from over at Shadow Farm is creating to his hearts content… and making me feel much the slacker.

The folks in town say there used to be a cemetery somewhere on the Shadow Farm, but ages have passed and the exact location is unknown. It is said that when there has been enough rain to loosen the soil, the long departed souls can inhabit any life that touches the remains. Such is the case for Nigel Skullsworth Pennington. You see, the roots of the pumpkins have run unusually deep this year, working their way into the mouldering remains. We see Nigel in the moment of realization that he has escaped the bonds of death and now inhabits a new form. Nigel Skullsworth Pennington is ready for mischief. – Dave

Introducing Nigel Skullsworth Pennington…

Dave the Dead has done it again… The Shadow Farm

“There is something horribly wrong with the pumpkin crop at The Shadow Farm. Perhaps the legends are true that there used to be a cemetery where the garden now stands. The pumpkin crop has grown very well in the dark, rich soil. The plants have grown strong with deep roots, but every harvest there are no fruits left to pick.”

“It almost like they are just walking away.”  -Dave the Dead


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