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The Halloween mags are starting to hit the stores and I have picked up a couple. The only one I have found worth mentioning is Better Homes and Gardens. Why? Because Scott Smith of Rucus Studios created some halloween silhouettes at the request of the editor. I think I have the explanation right…if not Scott can set me straight.

This is Scott’s picture from his own blog, hope it’s ok for me to use this Scott, I have it linked back to his own blog post about the BHG entry.

I have also gone over to BHG website to snag the silhouettes that Scott had given them for the mag. To save some time I put them in my Google Doc’s and shared them to everyone. There are other silhouettes there from other submitters to BHG. These are all free to use per BHG. I will add more to the Google Doc’s as I find them online or as I make them. I’m also going to try to figure out a way to share my Google Doc’s through this here blog, just need to wrap my brain around it and do it. I am so smart, SMRT.

Google Doc’s Halloween Silhouettes

It’s Easter and a happy day to you all. No matter your Easter traditions, I wish you all a wondrous time with them. As for me? The fam is going to a buffet around 3pm and that will about cover it. I may do a little bit of artsy’ness later. I have a new idea swimming in my head and have set aside the last project I was working on. It wasn’t going the direction I originally intended so until it whispers to me what it really wants to be, I will let it rest.

Now to the Artist Spotlight. John Schwegel, per his Facebook page, says “I like to draw spooky cute freakies and beasties.” You can also find his blog here.

To keep in the Easter’ness theme…here is a couple of his works:

Oooooppsss… How did this one get in there :::giggles:::

Dave is doing his first ever giveaway over on the Shadow Farm!!! Check out what he has for the lucky winner:

The Shadow Farm Easter 2010 Giveaway

While you are over there check out his Etsy shop and all the other props he has created. The man is a genius when it comes to Halloween props!!!

Colin Stimpson is an awesome artist. His Bio can be read here. His work tends to lend to animation, which I normally shy away from due to it’s ‘fairytale’ feeling. I prefer less ‘Princessy’ type stuff but I have to admit, he has me hooked on his Witches. They have enough of the old Hag, creep feel to them and it draws me in. No pun intended, heh. I will be buying the book How to Cook Children: A grisly recipe book by Martin Howard and illustrated by Colin Stimpson

You can see his work on his website and on his blog. And here we go with the art work…

This is from a book he illustrated for called The Wickedest Witch, I think. He has the pictures listed in the same blog post. I love the trees!!!

The rest of these photos are from How to Cook Children

Mad Elaine de la Moustache

Iris O’Rambly

Sheila Q. Barby

There are other photos, these are just a few. If his style tickles your fancy, go over and check him out.

Valentines Day is just around the corner so I thought I should jump into the spirit with some Valentine love for everyone. I don’t have a honey, yes that would mean I am single, so I don’t have anyone’s heart to carve out…erm… I mean I don’t have anyone to cut out hearts for. ::: giggles :::

Here are a few Valentine’ee pictures in such…

Chad Savage has done some awesome Valentine art. They are available over on his Etsy Shop.

The Halloween Lovers


Happy Phantom over on Flickr captured this photo in a cemetery. If I saw this thing with a little bow and arrow… I would run, I would run really fast.

I ran across this artist in rather a round about way. I have the website Crappy Taxidermy setup in my Google Reader feed and one of his pieces showed up as a post. I attached that post to the above Crappy Taxidermy link.

Alex CF is a self described cryptozoological scientific assemblage artist and illustrator and resides in the UK. If you like ephemera of anytime, especially anything zoological in nature, you will love his art. Even if you aren’t the collector of the unusual you should check out what he creates. It’s awesome!!!

Here is Chompy a Martian Botanical Device – This specific preservation device contains a juvenile “carnivorus muscipula” a flesh eating plant which can grow to 20 feet in height. At this size they draw their nutrients from the soil, which is kept rich by the device. If kept in a controlled environment the plant will never need feeding flesh as a form of sustenance.

A vacuum exists between the plant and the outside world, controlled and maintained by the complex filtration system which draws air in, adding and subtracting the necessary components. The small glass fronted charts display the key biological information regarding this specimen. A self contained ecosystem… More

The Henrich Emille Rectangle – You must read this story behind this yourself…More



19th century anatomical study cabinet No.1 – 1915: Bought in an estate clearance, with no apparent name attached, the esteemed Dr. Merrylin traced the small inscription at the base of one of the specimens to the royal college of surgeons, where one Thadeus Belacleese had once worked and taught. He was also the chief physician to the Queen of England, until his private work was discovered and shunned…More


Continuing on with the Spooky Christmas theme, here are a few more to add. As I said in the earlier post Ghoul Friday is going to be one to watch for more Creepy Christmas items. Jumping right on in…

Zombie Wreaths – Fa la la la la, la la la brains.


Owl Wreaths


Joyce Stahl from Enchanted Productions makes some awesome dolls. She works in Fabric and Paper Clay and what she cooks up is just pure spooky goodness. Read her profile here. Now for Happy Havoc and Merry Mayhem…

Happy Havoc


Merry Mayhem


Dave the Dead from over at The Shadow Farm is whipping up some Christmas mischievous’ness. He as conjured the Christmas Goblins over on the farm and has decided to spread the cheer to us. You can pick these up in his Etsy shop but they are going quick.

The Christmas Goblins


More Goblins…

I’m going to keep a search’n for more Spooky Christmas’ness…check back soon.

Franky is Alive!!! I have been monitoring Grim’s workings of Franky, via his blog, and am very excited to see him completed, not only am I excited I am astounded at the outcome.

I remember Grim mentioned that he typically doesn’t like to create ‘classic monsters’ but luckily for us he decided to tackle the classic Frankenstein’s monster.

I can’t put my finger on what my favorite part of Franky’s parts are but I can say, his box is brilliant!

You have got to check out all of the progress pics of Frank. Clicking on the image below will take you to Franks final blog post, there are several blog posts on Frank so check those out once you jump over to Grim’s site.



There are several artists out there that have made some awesome Halloween stuff… and I’ve been too distracted to blog about them. Well I can’t take it anymore, I have to show you a few that I have seen over the last couple of weeks.

Creager Studios

First we have Creager Studios, they have posted a few things on their Ebay site you should also check out their Etsy site as well.

Here is one of the pictures of the Pumpkin Elves… Not so spooky… but very Halloweeny:

PS 1

William Bezek

Next we have Mr. William Bezek. Wil has done several projects lately as well. He has even been asked by an American company to do a project that they can mass produce in China. He is a bit tossed up on what he should really do in this situation, go take a look at his blog post on the subject and vote on what you think he should do.

Meanwhile… check this pair out. Wil reproduces dead so well.. don’t you think.

Dead Dolls_72

Pat Benedict

Pat over at Woopitydooart makes haunted dollhouse sized miniatures and other spooky creations. She was recently spotlighted in the American Miniaturist Magazine as well!! Go check out her website, she has lots of goodies to oogle over.

Check out this Fedora that she decorated:

freakyfedora 028

freakyfedora 025

Chad Savage does such amazing Halloween art. The colors are striking, let alone it being addicting due to the content. Chad also has the website design studio SinisterVisions.com. You must check out his own website and his Etsy site first, then go over and take a look at some of the websites he has designed… just awesome.

Here are some details on the man:

Chad Savage is a contemporary horror artist who specializes in haunted, Halloween and dark artistic themes. Here is other stuff too numerous to list Bio.

Here are some details on Sinister Visions:

Sinister Visions inc. is a design studio that specializes in spooky subject matter and dark design. It is also the work (primarily) of one man: Chad Savage, award-winning dark artist and visual designer.

Sinister Visions inc. offers a full range of graphic, illustration, art and web design services catering to the darker industries. We target smaller- to medium- sized companies to allow more personal involvement in projects, and to allow smaller budgets a more professional flair.

Now for some art…



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