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Here is the link the original post with the links to he Photographers
Here is the link to Part 2
Here is the link to Part 3

More photo’s from Sandee Rice…

Here is the link to the original post that contains the links to the Photographers and the info about the shoot.

Here is the link to Part 2.

Photo’s by Sandee Rice

More Photo’s from Mhark Laroza

To see the original post with the links to the artists click here

The following photos were all done by Mhark Laroza


Yesterday I went out on a photo shoot with Rebecca Belcher to Gateway to Darkness Haunted Attraction. For those of you that don’t know, GtD is the only Pro Haunt in Alaska and they hold the bar very high compared to all of the Non-Profit Haunts we have.  Michelle and Sam Marsh are the owners and both are active within the haunt.
The main theme of the shoot was ghostly haunted with the models wearing mainly whites and grays.  Michelle worked the airbrush for whiting out faces while a couple of her makeup artists did the detail work. Sorry, I didn’t catch their names.
There were four photographers total, Rebecca Belcher, Sandee Rice, Mark Laroza and John, that I need to verify the last name of, and one videographer Kyle Murphy that is Som Ep’Laceak Media.  The number of models numbered somewhere in the 12-15 range. Most were professional models  both female and male. A few males, that had come with female models, were persuaded to join in the on the fun. Who can say no to dressing up before Halloween??!!
We had roughly four hours of shooting time, which seemed to fly by once everyone got into the flow of things. All in all it was really fun running around in the dark, the hard part was leaving and having to return to the bright reality of the outside world.

I’m going to post a few pictures for now, when the photographers make them available I will provide more and update the names of the male photographers.


Gateway to Darkness
Gateway to Darkness on Facebook
Rebecca Belcher Photography
Rebecca Belcher Photography on Facebook
Sandee Rice Photography
Sandee Rice on Facebook
Mhark Larazo on Flickr
Now for the fun stuff….

To go along with the previous post the Belgium photographer, Martino Zegwaard, he actually may not be Belgium but he was in Belgium in the video… well he has some awesome photographs over on Flickr.
Here are a few that I picked out…

Bergwerk W

Maison Heinen

Maison Heinen

Maison Heinen

Chateau PR

Potter's Manor

Château de la Forêt

I could keep going!! You guys get the idea…go check out his work.

As quoted from her website Senyphine:

Born in Grenoble, in the Alps, Nature is my inspiration. I like to draw and paint since my childhood.  My Art is a study in light and shadow. I am a traditionnal and digital artist.
I use and mix different mediums to make my paintings :  pencil, black ink, charcoal pen, acrylic or watercolor painting….and  i often finish the details,  the work of light and contrast on Photoshop. I like to explore all the possibilities of the different mediums i use. I suggest things playing with the light and  huge contrast to convey a vision of the world close to the childhood’s nightmares but full of fairy.

You can find the works of Sandrine Replat/Senyphine on her website and Deviantart.

You can see a photo of her on the Ballistic Publishing website here. The below photo was printed in their Digital Art Annual book Expose 6, the photo is called The Raven.

Les Freres Siamois 2
Skeleton in Love

Halloween 2007


Thanks again to Pam Morris of Labyrinth Creations for bringing Alexander to our attention. I’m going to have to just start duplicating her blog since we have the  same tastes in spooky AND I’ve been so lacking lately…ahem. Heh.

Now to Alexander… From his website he states:

I´m a freelance artist born in Uppsala, Sweden.
I live and work in Gothenburg.
Sleeping House is my design studio. I specialize in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design.

You can find him several ways, his Blog, his WebsiteDeviantart and Etsy.

Now to a his art…

Kates Motel


The Bridge

Strange Places

This alone would make me want to run out and buy a truck load of Lego’s!! Maybe my Nephew would build one for me…hint hint.

Mike Doyle is the awesome creator

So straight into then…

  • 5′ x 3′ x 2′
  • Black, white, dark and bluish gray, clear trans and black trans colors used.
  • No foreign materials (wood, glue, paint or otherwise) were used – this is pure Lego.
  • Photo retouching used only for adding contrast and color correction & background.
  • Approx 450 hours to build

Here she is ::: feels woozy :::

::: faints :::

Was turned onto this artist by Pam Morris over at Labyrinth Creations.

His name is Jason Soles and he currently resides in Seattle, Washington. His one-of-a-kind works utilize bone, metal, found object, and anatomical models, as quoted from his website.

Here is one of his pieces called End of Time

I wanted to jump on here quickly to say Happy Halloween to everyone and figured I should check my email and do a Halloween scream out over on Facebook first. To my ::: insert little girl giddy squeal ::: surprise I had a message from Jodi Cain of Tattered Rags. I have won her Halloween Doll Giveway!!!
Me!! I have won something! On Halloween even!!! The Halloween ghostly Gods are smiling on me this morning I tell ya.

So here are links to Jodi’s creations, then I will show you the doll I have won.

Tattered Rags website
Tattered Rags Blog
Tattered Rags on Facebook
Tattered Rags on Etsy

And now… ::: trumpets ::: the new addition to my spooky little home:

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