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PumpkinRot has done it again. If I could just pluck out his imagination and meld it with my own… Frightfulish things would occur, at least in my own realm. They are already occurring within his own….

Swamp Foetus

You can find the man of Rot and his darling of a wife, Bean at the following locations:

PumpkinRot Website

PumpkinRot Blog

Pumpkin Hollow on Etsy

Halloween Theme Greeting cards by Rot


Finally got back in the Skullery. I believe the dreams that I have been…delighted with, the last few nights are the push I needed. Gotta love the subconscious.
I have had the idea to create name plaques for my co-worker and I for a couple of years, but more recently came up with the idea to create a new door marker plaque as well. The more recent idea turned into, get all of them done at once. I surprised myself with how quickly I finished the door marker and jumped over to the name plaque’s, I had all the supplies out after all.

The Small Computer Support sign is computer parts with the exception of the lettering.  I wanted the letters to look like metal wire that was soldered together. Since I didn’t have any solder I needed to make them, poly clay did the trick. I hand rolled the clay, shaped and then used liquid Sculpey to mimic the soldering points.
The name plaques again are just computer parts and the letters are poly clay. I printed out two different fonts, laid it over rolled out poly clay and used an embossing tool to trace around the font lines. Removed the paper then used an Exact-o to cut out the fonts along the emboss line.

To go along with the previous post the Belgium photographer, Martino Zegwaard, he actually may not be Belgium but he was in Belgium in the video… well he has some awesome photographs over on Flickr.
Here are a few that I picked out…

Bergwerk W

Maison Heinen

Maison Heinen

Maison Heinen

Chateau PR

Potter's Manor

Château de la Forêt

I could keep going!! You guys get the idea…go check out his work.

I finished the chalk holder for the latest Ghostling. Overall height is just under 12 inches and it can either be hung on a wall or propped up on a shelf. The chalkboard is delicate and not meant for heavy duty use. It will go in my Etsy store once I have it opened for business. I have a few more pieces to complete before I open it. I will eventually get a new camera and make a photo box to get better shots.

As quoted from her website Senyphine:

Born in Grenoble, in the Alps, Nature is my inspiration. I like to draw and paint since my childhood.  My Art is a study in light and shadow. I am a traditionnal and digital artist.
I use and mix different mediums to make my paintings :  pencil, black ink, charcoal pen, acrylic or watercolor painting….and  i often finish the details,  the work of light and contrast on Photoshop. I like to explore all the possibilities of the different mediums i use. I suggest things playing with the light and  huge contrast to convey a vision of the world close to the childhood’s nightmares but full of fairy.

You can find the works of Sandrine Replat/Senyphine on her website and Deviantart.

You can see a photo of her on the Ballistic Publishing website here. The below photo was printed in their Digital Art Annual book Expose 6, the photo is called The Raven.

Les Freres Siamois 2
Skeleton in Love

Halloween 2007


Thanks again to Pam Morris of Labyrinth Creations for bringing Alexander to our attention. I’m going to have to just start duplicating her blog since we have the  same tastes in spooky AND I’ve been so lacking lately…ahem. Heh.

Now to Alexander… From his website he states:

I´m a freelance artist born in Uppsala, Sweden.
I live and work in Gothenburg.
Sleeping House is my design studio. I specialize in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art and graphic design.

You can find him several ways, his Blog, his WebsiteDeviantart and Etsy.

Now to a his art…

Kates Motel


The Bridge

Strange Places

Was turned onto this artist by Pam Morris over at Labyrinth Creations.

His name is Jason Soles and he currently resides in Seattle, Washington. His one-of-a-kind works utilize bone, metal, found object, and anatomical models, as quoted from his website.

Here is one of his pieces called End of Time

I don’t remember if I have posted any of my old CG Art from years ago. I had started dabbling with a Program called Poser many years ago. Digital art is much less messy than physical art and takes up much less space for all of the equipment needed. The problem I found with it… I wasn’t working with my hands like I prefer to do so I wasn’t getting the satisfaction from it. It has been years so I have picked up the mouse/Wacom Tablet and started playing…and it may be many years before I do it again.

Escort to Hell

Surfing the Interwebs today for some Halloween and Spooky goodness. Gotta keep my spirits, spirited.

Trick or Treat by Radojavor

Mother Pumpkin by Radojavor

Halloween Pumpkin Patch by Jerry8448 at DeviantART

The Ravens Tower by Jerry8448 at DeviantART

The Reapling is finished. He has always wondered about this thing they call Halloween, after all, many people dress up as him that night. So what was death to do? Carve a pumpkin!!

I am very much in the learning phase on photoing small dolls and to get the hang of my SLR Digital. What you can’t see from the photo is that there are pumpkin seeds in the bottom of the pumpkin, and the rest of his cloak. I will get some more pics of him, maybe out in the garden.

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