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As some of you know I have moved to Oregon and not just any ole’ town in Oregon but Halloweentown. What does this mean exactly? Crazy, mad dash, don’t leave your brain at home, overwhelming, insanity in October. Yes, that is right… insanity. Oh My Great Pumpkin!! I’ve always wanted to live in a place that celebrated Halloween and boy did I pick it. Although I’m sure Salem, Mass. is just as mind blowing.

So in staying with my ‘jump in with both feet’ mentality, I decided to build the Pumpkin Arch I’ve wanted for years, but could not have in Alaska. Along with joining my local friends in some of their Halloween events that they produce every year. I’m going to get my fill of Halloween in one large dose and there isn’t even a chaser!

Below is the Arch, day and night shot, the only thing missing in these photos is the witch hat for the witch pumpkin. I will also have window Projections in two of my windows, one is a witch scene and the other a pumpkin scene.


daytime nighttime

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