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Its been a minute, that is for sure. I noticed that its been since late March that I posted last. I was still waiting on my container of household goods and car to arrive. It did! Heh! I actually received my stuff on April 1st, the car included. Things were unpacked and put in their places. Settling in to the rental house has come and gone. I had applied for an IT job with a local company at the end of March and I am STILL waiting to hear back. Yes, I have called to make sure they didn’t ‘forget’ to let me know I was hired, ::: snort :::

West Coast Haunters Con has come and gone. I did not have the booth that I intended to have. I had to cancel due to not having my belongings (read: craft supplies) to be able to make inventory. I decided it needs to wait until next year. So next year it is!
We are toying with the idea of having a temporary booth in a local vendor mall for the month of October. Possibly September and October. That is what I’m planning on for now and yes I have made a couple of things. Need to get on it though and start cranking out more stuff.

I bought a new car! I got a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport in all black. It has all the bells and whistles, minus a few un-needed whistles. If you click on The Adventures of Monster in the lower right link on the page, you will be able to see photos.

I bought and just setup today, a new standing desk for home. My back can’t do many of the office chairs, so sitting at a computer for long periods just doesn’t happen. Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging like I used to. That should change now that I can do it without whimpering or hobbling away. Yay!!! Plus, I’m not working so I have the time…ahem!

I also bought a new computer and it should arrive next week. I can get back on making the digital wallpaper for The Whimsy Attic and get the website created.


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