Polar Pug Rescue

Donate to Polar Pug & Friends rescue!! They are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that rescues Pugs and other small breed dogs.

We arrived in St. Helens Oregon on March 3rd. Since we didn’t have a rental yet we stayed at the local Best Western. We were able to rent a house, and we (we means Ruffio and I, heh) signed the rental agreement on the 12th. Moved everything over from the hotel on the 16th. I waited due to the mattress I purchased wasn’t delivered until the 15th.

The container with all of my household belongings, and the car, should be here this next week. It will start to feel more homey once that gets here. We are sitting on borrowed folding chairs and a table, heh! I did purchase a couch, since I donated mine before I left, but that will be 5 weeks before it gets here. It is taking so long because I special ordered it in a leather ‘like’ material instead of the fabric.

Now to get a job!

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