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The moving time is fastly approaching. YAY!!

To get everyone up to date, the dream of moving out of Alaska is soon approaching. The house was put on the market on January 8th and I accepted an offer on January 15th. We had a couple of up and downs with the buyer, after the inspection, but we came to a new price agreement and were back on track within a couple of days. The take Possession date is February 25th, if all goes well. We had the Appraisal a couple of days ago and now we wait until it has been filed with the bank, along with the As-Built, so that loan can move forward.

My plan is to find a house in St. Helens, Oregon, or possibly Scappoose, Oregon, but I will first rent until I find what I’m looking for. I have had the movers come and give me a quote for moving everything along with the car. Have ordered a kennel and ex-pen for Ruffio and had them shipped down to friends in St. Helens for when we get there.
I still have to plan out what I’m taking with me in my four suitcases, which I know the majority of it but need to list out the crafting supplies that need to be with me.

Crafting supplies are another story. I have purchased a booth at the West Coast Haunters Convention, which is the end of April, and am in the process of building up an inventory for selling there. I had only two pieces of inventory when I purchased the booth, due to donating stuff at work for an annual charity event. Taking my sculpting tools with me, in checked baggage, is the plan but I worry about lost luggage. Its difficult to replace tools you have accumulated over the years, so it’s another stressor.

My last day of work is March 1st and I plan on flying out March 2nd. So many things to plan out and pray that the proverbial wrench doesn’t get thrown in the mix.

So excitement and forgetting to breath are taking place in the Spooky household. New adventures are soon to be afoot…

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