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I’m finding it difficult to blog again. Not that I don’t have time here and there, more like a have had a full plate. For those that have followed along or are Facebook friends with me, will know that my Fama (mother) had cancer. She passed on June 8th. The first few weeks after her passing I found myself having night time, during sleep, panic attacks. I am a very strong person, I held up the family during my Da’s cancer and passing and swung right back into it 6 months after he was gone, when Fama was diagnosed. She fought for a little over 2 years, and was only given an expiration date of 1 year.
The “I’m a strong person” statement needs to be reset to ‘I was a strong person and am now warn out’ person . I started having my own health issues months after Da was diagnosed and we believe a large majority of them are stress related, also knows as a Sympathetic Response. His passing, Wickets passing,  Fama’s diagnosis, my own health problems, her passing… I’m surprised that panic attacks at night and my body rebelling are the only thing I have going on!

Now to the next set of stressors… I’m finally moving to Washington/Oregon!!! I have to sell my house, before I move and then find something down there. I plan on renting for a short time in Vancouver and then look for a house in Columbia County Oregon.

More stress!!!!! I will be back though… just might take a bit, or when I find a moment of quiet time.

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