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I get excited about moving down to Vancouver, Wa. and then realize everything I need to do. Since I really don’t have a ‘set in stone’ date, but had originally said it would be October 1st, mainly because I DO NOT want to spend one more horrid winter in Alaska, I really need to start having garage sales and clear the clutter, before that time comes.

I am A.D.D where ideas and creativity are concerning. I can seriously be distracted by anything shiny, rusty, grungy, ghostly, etc and off I go in a totally different direction.  It isn’t a bad thing, but when it comes to completing something, well… things tend to sit half finished or not started at all. I seemed to have let that creative “run amokness” spill over into my regular daily activities. Must focus grasshopper!!

As an example of my Amokness…Since recently being at West Coast Haunters Convention, I have the convention bug. I want to have a booth to sell my stuff. I don’t want just any booth though, I want it to be snazzy and eye drawing. So lately my brain is full of ideas to make a portable booth design. I already know what I kinda want it to look like but need to get the little details down. Now here is the catch… I’m all excited about making a booth but it all has to wait until I’m living IN Vancouver! Why brain, are you wasting time NOW trying to figure this out? See what I have to deal with!!?

So focus I must. I need to start a Garage Sale pile, and get rid of things that I really don’t need/want any longer. When I move I don’t plan on taking the couch or king sized mattress, that needs to be replaced anyway. There will be select pieces of large furniture and then stuff. The large portion of stuff will be the craft room. Oh lawrd, the craft room! I think I will throw out the two bookcases I have, which were freebies on craiglists, and find better ones once down there.

::: jeopardy music plays :::

Talk about focus! I just spent the last couple of hours forgetting that I was writing this blog post and went surfing around Facebook, looking at more WCHC pictures! ::: face palm :::


I’m going to try my bestest to blog more. I have got to get this thing rolling again…


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