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I thought I was going to be doing blog posts while I was AT West Coast Haunters Con but that didn’t happen. I was like a kid in a candy store and it was all I could do to take more pictures than I did last year. I was giddy, excited, restless, overwhelmed… off my rocker with joy, about sums it up. This years Convention was the awesomness! I can’t wait until next year!

I went about taking pictures in a different way this year. I added in Monster. Monster is a small dog toy that belongs to Ruffio. The reason I brought him this year was due to Ruffio having to stay home, plus I have brought Monster to work with me on days that were overly stressful and I needed something in the way of a Service Animal, heh!  Monster has become my go to for stress relief. No, I don’t stuff him in my mouth and squeak squeak squeak the stress away, although I have done that when playing with Ruffio.

Monster gained a following quickly while at the Con and I had been asked by a couple of people if I was going to make him a Facebook Page. so I did. You can follow The adventures of Monster here: https://www.facebook.com/RuffiosMonster

Before I post a few pictures from WCHC, I wanted to mention how I feel about moving down there. I have been researching apartments to live in while I figure out where I want to buy a house. I was looking, online, in and around Vancouver, WA and stumbled upon Slate Ridge in Fishers Landing. Of course online photos can be misleading. so Fama and I headed out to drive around that area. We stopped in the Slate Ridge Leasing Office and spoke to the rep there, for some time, and she showed us different apartments. I love Slate Ridge!! It is a bit expensive but I will be paying for peace of mind for living in a nicer area and they have a small movie theater that can be reserved, pool, gym, dog park, etc.  So one check mark off the To Do list for living there, and hopefully an apartment will be available when I need it. I will still need to find a job, but something tells me to wait and something right will come along. Of course, I will not wait too long and plan on creating full time once I am down there.

As for the driving in a big city, I have no problems driving around down in the busy Portland area. It just feels right. Yes there is traffic, but there is traffic here too and the drivers up here are a-holes.
I mentioned on Facebook that I feel out of place now that I am home. Driving down streets that I have driven on most of my life and I feel like I’m… just not in the right place. An Oregon friend on FB mentioned, you are physically in Alaska but your soul is down here. That is literally what I feel like.

I will get there, the psychic medium at WCHC told me so. Not only will I get down there and do very well, but I also must start creating! She said my soul needs it and aches for it. Which I already knew 🙂

Now for a few pictures… If you want to see more pictures you can go to Monsters Page and look in his Photos for the West Coast Haunters Convention album.

You may recognize a few of these guys if you watched Face Off on Syfy. Angie Hill took First Place at the West Coast Haunters Costume Ball, for the second year in a row!


Roy Wooley – http://www.roywooley.com/




Robert ‘RJ’ Haddey – http://www.rjhaddy.com/


Nix Herrera – http://www.nixbodyart.com/


Angie Hill as Medusa w/Monster – http://aranamuerta.com/




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