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If you’re friends with me on Facebook you are aware that I plan on moving to the Vancouver, Washington area and have set a date of October…and if we aren’t FB Friends, you are now aware. Heh. I have been overly tired with Alaska, in many many regards, for years now. The weather, the isolation, cost of living, and on and on. There really is no haunt community up here and although there are many artists, they tend to all drift towards the tourist industry, which is Alaskan themed items. Yuck I say, but understand that is the theme that is the money maker here. …and again Yuck I say!

So the move… I was born and raised in Alaska, with the exception of living in Alabama for roughly 6 years when I was a wee Lass. Alaska is a different creature of a state and there are many a things to learn when I move to America, as the Fam lovingly calls it. Like what? You may ask, well… pest control for one. We do not have fleas, ticks, fire ants, house ants, snakes, lizards, smaller destructive mammals like mole’s, raccoons, etc. At least none of these things listed are a problem in that we have to be proactive about it… mainly because we are in a frozen state for much of the year. Yes we have mosquito’s that can carry off a small dog, and of course we have large wildlife. Tit for tat I guess.
My other concerns are: getting to know the area to find a ‘good’ place to live, finding new doctors, new Veterinarians, Dentist, Ophthalmologists,  Doggie Day Care, where do I get my car fixed? Heck, where do I buy my car? Then the biggy… finding a JOB. Having no health insurance until I find a job, yes I’m fully aware of the ‘Not Affordable Health Care’… don’t get me started.

Having stated some of the worries I have, I also find excitement in it as well! Finding new places to eat, the best place to view a sunrise or sunset, shopping for antiques without it costing me a mini fortune, the new types of trees and plants that can be grown or battled with. Free Shipping!!! I can drive to a different state! I can fly to a different state for cheap, or take the train!
No, I do not look forward to battling the bugs and having to treat Ruffio with Flea and Tick meds, but I look forward to being able to take him on walks and play in the yard for more time over the seasons. OH the seasons!!! I can actually see a Fall, that doesn’t last two weeks! Pumpkin patches!!! …and Pumpkin patches!!! and more Pumpkin patches!!! Fresh fruit and veggies from local growers that are much more in abundance. Fresh Seafood!!! (Yes we have Seafood up here but most of it comes from somewhere else) and Halloween, oh Halloween how I have missed you. I do understand that October is rainy in Van/Portland, but have you ever had to wear a winter coat, boots, hat and gloves OVER your Halloween costume…and not have it be part of the costume? I can handle rain… and actually like it and fog!

So as you can see I’m over the moon with excitement of moving to somewhere new, that is not Alaska, but yes, I have a lot of life stress to handle before that. Fama is in Stage 4 lung cancer and time is not on her side. I so want her to move with me, but I doubt that will happen. She has a connection to Alaska, one that I truly do not share, and she wants to be here. My plan for October was going to be followed through with even if she was still with us. I battle with the decision and yes I want to spend her last times with her, but at the same time I cannot take another winter here. Sounds completely selfish, and maybe it is, but I have put off my plans for roughly 3 years now due to life emergencies and quite frankly, I’m beyond frustrated. What is one more winter? Pure hell. I literally feel myself walking closer to the grave with each winter… and NO that is not some metaphor for me wanting to off myself. I simply mean that I literally die on the inside. Winter here is nothing but a dark, white and grey frozen world.  I loathe snow and ice and cold. I need milder winters, with green to be seen, no possibility of four feet of snow in a 24 hour period, or even just one. If snow happens, there are snow days!!

So as you can see I’m feeling stuck but overly excited for new experiences to come!!


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