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I have said this before but MAN am I a blogger slacker! SSSSLLLL AAAACK KA ERRRRRR.

I think I type myself out over on Facebook and don’t feel like repeating myself. I have got to get back on this thing!!

Updates… I’m slowly working through my health problems. Currently I’m waiting on lab results from Thyroid tests, I went to an Endocrinologist to get to the bottom of my Thyroid symptoms. My regular Doc doesn’t seem to go beyond testing my TSH, telling me my meds are fine and calling it good.
Next is food allergy testing in March, to see if my gut problems are allergy based. I’m also going to be getting an MRI on my liver in a couple of months, we saw something on the CT scan and need to see if anything has changed.

I believe I posted before about fostering two pups that I have fostered separately before, with Wicket, they were Charlotte and Ruffio. I started fostering them on November 2nd and after a couple of months I had to take Charlotte back. She is a very high energy pup, not just physically but mentally and I couldn’t give her the stimulation she needed to get the energy out. Because she wasn’t in the daycare situation, where she was able to play all day, she started escalating and Ruffio was taking the brunt of it. They are literally polar opposites and he was getting upset with her more often than not. He would wait until she was relaxed or sleeping, before he would instigate play, which once she turned on the energy he didn’t want to play anymore.
I was worried that Ruffio wouldn’t take to being alone and he has done awesome! His confidence has improved, he is less fearful of new noises and we went out in public a few times and he has done awesome there too!
Since I will be moving in with Fama (Mom) soon, I needed to see how he took to her and her house. So far so good, he is a bit scared but not terrified. I think he will do fine. So I am 98.9% sure that I will be a foster failure!!! My only concern is Ruffio being comfortable and not traumatized. He is resilient, just like most dogs,  but I will put him first. 😉

Here is the little cuteness…

1016327_814933205189883_729982300_n 981844_710315212318350_1063393607_o 1546391_810318135651390_624261552_n

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