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I have been dragging my feet for far too long. Yes, I have had my share of set backs with life changing my path on a constant basis for the last couple of years. I am determined, I am a bull in the proverbial China Shop and I promise to smash all of life’s crappy China and glass to smithereens. We, my friends, are going to make glitter…ok, maybe not glitter since I’m not the glittery type. We are going to make pretty sparkling pixie dust.

I have been also dragging my feet where my new artsy business is concerned. I have had excuse after excuse after excuse. One of the main things that has stopped me is not getting a website built for it. I put off the business cards because I want them to match the website. …and on and on.  I finally settle on what I wanted the website to look like. I knew I wanted an attic feel to it but not to be so creepy as to scare off non-spooky art buyers. Some of what I will sell won’t be spooky based.
My business name is The Whimsy Attic, so I needed to set out finding this ‘atticy’ feeling picture. I didn’t want to go find a picture that was prebuilt or ‘perfect’ out of the box. I want to add my own touch to it and make it more me. The header on this Boo Spooky site, I created from scratch. The tree was something I had hand drawn during a meeting at work, and every thing else was either drawn in or added after slightly changing something.
After searching and searching for pictures of attics, I put my head to it this weekend and had an AH HA moment when I found a certain picture. It had the colors, angle and look that I wanted. I searched and searched some more but kept coming back to this one photo. After going back to it and reading the description, I was hooked. Now all I need to do was get the Photographers permission to use it, or purchase it so that I could get to adding to it.
I spoke with the Photographer via Facebook email and he graciously has allowed me to download two of his photos. I had actually found a second photo and need to decide on which will work best. I will give him credit for the original image with his Copyright then Copyright it again under The Whimsy Attic so that no one will steal what I have added to his image.

The Photographer is Frank C. Grace of Trig Photography. Frank is a awesome photographer and you guys should check out his stuff. Give him kudo’s for being awesome about allowing me to use his photo and give him props for his awesome work. A HUGE plus…he likes Paranormal stuff!!!

Here are the links to find him and below those are the two photos, one of which I will choose to use for my new website 🙂

You Tube Video with an interview with Frank http://youtu.be/r1VZtIU8vCg

attich7g attich7g2


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