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I’m such a bad Blog Mom. I have ignored the poor thing and I feel badly for it. I should get back to posting cool spooky stuff but find my time management to be rather lacking.

As far as life updates go… I’m working through some medical stuff but it has forced me to change what I eat. No more Gluten and limited Dairy, for me. I have lost 12 pounds since July 20th and have numerous poundies to go. I have found with going Gluten free that my head is less cloudy, my memory is better and my inner children possess me much more often.

Wicket is doing what Wicket does, which is just being total awesome. The silly boy makes me smile every day. 🙂

Mom is hanging in there. Her CT Scan came back with the results of: No new tumors and the tumors she does have either have shrunk or have not changed. Could be better news, but it isn’t necessarily bad news. She is looking at the possibility of a second opinion due to her Oncologist telling her that the Chemo is done and there is nothing more to try.

I’m working on a Doll for a Silent Auction that we are having at work for United Way. I will post pics later after I get it closer to being done.

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