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Jennifer and I have never met in person but have socialized on Facebook for years. I have followed her Halloween and professional set painting with enthusiasm. I have teased her for years to please create some set painting video’s, for those of us that live far to far away to go watch her in action. One day Jennifer, one day I will either be stalking you on set or those dang videos will magically appear!

As a new artist you quickly learn that you need to find your niche. Either it be a special way all of your creations will look, or a theme that you lovingly stick to because it drives you. Jennifer found her’s and I fully admit that I am jealous!! I have my niche via theme but she has broke the mold where niche’s go.
I will quit yammering and show you what I mean.

I now present you with Dead Buddies!!

First the links:

Dead Buddies Etsy site
Dead Buddies on Facebook 

dead buddies

Some training required

Dead Buddie family at the beach

Dead Buddies!!

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