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Wow! I am always amazed by how long it has been since I posted last. Once life calms down, again, I should be able to post more. This year has been an whirlwind where family events are concerned.

In a nut shell I will sum up the lack of posting and ask for some prayers and warm wishes to add to the mix.
As some of you know my Da passed last August, a month or so ago we found out my Fama (Mom) has cancer as well and was given 2-6 months to live. We don’t know the type of cancer yet, but should find out with the second liver biopsy that she had to do. The cancer is in numerous locations including, Lung, Liver, Lymph-nodes, Thyroid and Adrenal Gland.
But wait folks, that’s not all! My brother ended up in the ER with severe back pain and it ended up being Kidney Stones. During the Ultrasound or CT Scan, I don’t remember which, they found he had some sort of mass on his Kidney. He had an MRI, which they are waiting to see the Doc for, but reading the results says it is a Renal Cyst. That could be a really good thing or a bad thing.

In a previous post I explained by Carpal Tunnel surgery. I was still having pain at 3 months of healing so I spoke to the hand Doc at my last checkup. He poked around, did some x-rays and found that I have CMC Joint arthritis. Basically it is arthritis at the thumb joint, the joint that is connect to the palm of your hand. Kinda sucks and since it is early in the onset, there is nothing to do but support the joint when I’m going to over use it.
I also went to a Dermatologist and got a whole body check for all the moles and various spots I have. I had one on my upper wrist that would worry some Docs when I saw them for other things and it was starting to worry me a bit. Had it cut out and biopsied, turned out to be pre-cancerous so they let it heal for 4 weeks and I went back to have it frozen with Liquid Nitrogen. Since I have numerous other spots that are starting out the same way I have to wear 30 SPF when I go outside and I have to cover up, including a hat. AWESOME!! BUT, at least I caught it in time!

I’m trying to think if there is anything else…. Not like all of that isn’t enough! I pray that Wicket stays healthy, not sure how much more I can shoulder if I don’t have my little man to bring me out of it.

In good news… I have my airline tickets, hotel and admittance tickets for West Coast Haunters Convention that is coming up in June. The plan is for Mom to go down with me but if she is too sick or has passed, I will go alone. I will be down in Portland, Oregon for a week and while I’m there I’m going to look around Vancouver, Washington for locations to move to.

Other than that, I haven’t been in the craftroom since December.  I need to make stuff to sell, I need the extra money for the trip, but I am so tired when I get home from work I don’t feel like doing anything other than staring at the computer and TV.

Enough of all the drama… go get your Spooky on!!


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