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Donate to Polar Pug & Friends rescue!! They are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that rescues Pugs and other small breed dogs.

I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery on the 18th of January, had the stitches removed the 30th of January and started Physical Therapy, which I was already going to for Tennis Elbow. The hand is much better than before but it is still healing so I get a twinge of numbness zingers and dull pain with certain movements or when weight bearing a certain way, which is normal. It takes roughly 3 months for one to be completely back to normal, but you get use back in your hand at four weeks.
The Physical Therapist gave me the go ahead to get back in the Craft room!! Wooooo Hooooo!! She wants me to start out slow and not over do it. We are working on the strength building in my arms so that I don’t have the Tennis Elbow problem any longer, man am I out of shape!
I’ve been meaning to ask her for a copy of the stretches she gave me to do so that I can post for all the Crafters out there who tend to do a lot of work with their hands and sit bent elbowed. Matter o’fact I just emailed her on Facebook asking if there is anything I can post to help out the Artisty friends.
So I’m on my way to healing up… YAY!!

In other importantay news: I’m fostering a pup for Polar Pug Rescue & Friends. Her name is Charlotte and she has a 98% chance of being related to my Wicket man. She is a Brussels Griffon/Italian Greyhound mix and boy is she a handful! She has been in rescue for roughly a year, mainly due to her fear issues. She is very fearful of men, since she was abused by two men for possibly her whole life, she is roughly 2-3 years old, she also doesn’t do well around new people.
She LOVES toys and is food motivated, she is learning Potty Training, which she really didn’t have much concept of. She doesn’t do well to harsh vocal punishment but does do well with a well timed AhAh instead of NO. She is very smart and it doesn’t do her much good at times. Every noise she hears she believes she must listen intently to, because after all Zombies can be sneaky. The only time I have heard her bark is when she see’s someone outside the house and once when I put on a big puffy coat in a different room, than she was in, and when she saw me she didn’t recognize me until I spoke to her. She kennels well, once you catch her, she is Italian Greyhound FAST and can bob and weave like you can’t believe. I typically have to corner her in a kennel and reach in and pick her up, to get her to wherever it is she thought she didn’t want to go. Luckily she isn’t fear aggressive and doesn’t try to fight back, at least from what I have seen.  I’m sure if you were a male Zombie she might try to take your arm off, but that would be totally acceptable behavior and awarded with yummy treats.

My Wicket man was not impressed with having her at the house and wanted her to leave. He would plead with me, by way of pouty Griffon face and sad teary eyes, but I explain to him that she is family and needs help to overcome being scared so she can find a loving home like he has. Honestly though, if I see it affecting him too much I will return her to the Rescue. I won’t risk him going backwards in his own ‘finding himself’ that he still seems to be doing.

**Update** I took Charlotte back to the Rescue. She is too energetic for Wicket and keeps hurting him on accident, trying to play. He started shutting down around her so I won’t risk him getting hurt worse, especially with a back problem.

Here are a few pictures of Miss Charlotte, or Lady Charlotte:

CharlotteCharlotte with the ToysWicket and Charlotte

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