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Hello interweb friends… I’m alive!

For those that don’t follow me on Facebook, well you should because I tend to update more over there, I have been busy before Christmas with creating a Jack Skellington and Zero for a Christmas Door Decorating Contest. There were three categories  Most Traditional, Most Original and Most Tackiest door, then there was a Judges Favorite award as well.  I toyed with the idea of doing a Scrooge with the three Ghosts but knew I didn’t have enough time to create 4 full sized bodies, heck I barely was able to get Jack, Zero and the Evil Wreath completed in time. The outcome of the contest? I won Most Original and the group that won Most Traditional also won Judges Favorite…even though numerous people came and told me that ours should have won.

I had thought about telling people they were for sale but didn’t know how well that would fly at work, didn’t want them to say I was moonlighting at work, etc. To my surprise, people asked me instead! So as of tomorrow, they both go to new homes. The lady that bought Jack wanted to buy both Jack and Zero but I had already promised Zero to someone else, so I told her that I would make her another Zero.

I paid the price by making these two guys in 40 hours. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is PISSED off. I need to go in and have Physical Therapy, I’m waiting on the Doc’s office to tell me that they faxed the referral over. My Doc’s office seem to take a very long time to do anything. It took them three weeks to get back with me on the results of the MRI on my knee. Good thing I wasn’t fighting cancer and needed to start Chemo right away! The only reason I keep going there is because it is where I use to work. The MRI results? I may have a partial tear of my ACL in my right knee. Have an appointment with an Ortho next week to get my knee evaluated.

Enough of that… Here are a few photos of Jack and Zero:

Jack and Zero Zero and Wreath Zero 2 Jacks hand 2 Jacks Hand Jack's head

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