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I started a new craft, Needle Felting. I had never been interested in it before due to the items that I have seen produced weren’t in my…genre, of things I like. Not in to Flowers and foo foo things really.
I believe I started looking for another craft out of pure withdrawals. My house has been in a state of utter chaos since last summer, due to the remodel. Once the Windows were installed in September the Weatherization program came in to do the Weatherization for me and ended up replacing my furnace. The furnace was trying to kill us, it was spiking Carbon Monoxide in the house.

Because of all of the work going on, my craft room had been emptied into my living room, and not in an orderly type way. Months later, after having been rather not in the mood for crafting, I found myself aching to do something…anything. I bought some UV curing resin and started making doll eyes. Made a few sets, but then wanted to put them in dolls, ugh.

Saw some felted items floating around FB or other Blogs and decided I should give it a try. I can always make OTHER type items besides flowers and foo foo stuff right? Researched…researched some more, ask a few questions, found out there are a few dog loving ladies that felt dogs here in town. Went to Michaels, bought a kit and a few needles. I already had Wool Roving for making dolls hair, but the kit had everything I needed.
Below is a picture of the little Hug Monster that I made. Not what the kit called it mind you. I gave it to Sue at work, she was retiring after many many years of working at Dept. Public Safety. It took me about 5-6 hours.


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