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Wicket has been back home since mid August and has been doing wonderfully! We are still gradually introducing exercise to him, even though he does get to play full out at Puppy Daycare, he doesn’t get to run in a large open area just yet. I have taken him to our Little Dog Meetup group at a dog park a couple of times but he has been kept on lead so he can’t run. We don’t need a re-occurrence of his back injury, so it’s slow and steady.

But… this does not mean I cannot torture him with Halloween dressup!! Yes, I want to dress him as a Flying Monkey for Halloween and have yet to make the costume. I’m still contemplating the colors I want to use, will probably go with the original blue and red even though I dislike that color combo. While shopping yesterday at Walmart, ugh, I stopped in the pet section… actually the pet section stopped me, due to having an endcap of Halloween Pet sweaters and whatnots. I had to buy two sweaters, which I’ve been meaning to do since the weather is turning cold.

I let Wicket model his own sweaters and here is the little darling along with a picture of the endcap at Walmart…


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