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Lots of things happening in my world. Da passed on August 28th, peacefully and pain free. We had the funeral on Sept. 4th, it was a lovely service with many attending.
Life or the Universe, not sure which, has decided to throw life problems at me, but I’m still standing so far. Besides the passing of my Da, I had a truck repair that took $1500 to fix. My Wicket, is getting better from his back injury but we still have to keep him from running and jumping too much, have a $1300 bill remaining from that. My washing machine decided to spring a leak, the repair guy comes today… no telling what that will cost.
The remodel has been put on hold for now. I would rather not have people in my house and I needed to to get what has been done back in order. I still have to paint the kitchen cabinets and the doors and door trim upstairs in the master bedroom. I’ve had to dip into the remodel money to pay for the truck and the washing machine. Somehow I have to put the money back.

So that is my life at the moment. I bit hectic and stressing. I’m attempting to overcome and get back to one thing that makes me happy. Crafting…

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  • Hey Kim

    I’m sorry about your Dad. It sounds like you’ve been bombarded by pitfalls and stressful situations for a while now.

    My wish for you is some good luck, good friends, a good snuggle with the pup, and of course, creative inspiration.

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