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You may not hear from me for a long period. I have a few life emergencies going on that have thrown me for a loop. My Da is succumbing to cancer and my recent adoption of Wicket had to be reversed due to him having a back injury that I can’t manage while taking care of my family.
My Da isn’t doing well and any and all prayers are invited. If prayers aren’t your thing, send good energy, light some candles, dance naked under the pale moon light…whatever it takes to have my Da not be in pain. I am a realist and don’t expect a miracle but would be delightful thrilled if Da got better and Wicket could come back to me.
Anyone that is friends with me on Facebook knows that I’m devastated by having to give Wicket back to his rescuer.  I’ve decided to setup a Fundraiser account to help pay for his medical bills that I have obtained and depending on the amount raised I will donate to his rescuer for any bills that are still in the works. It’s the only thing I can do right now to still feel like I’m part of Wicket’s life.

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  • So sorry to hear this news about your Da. I know how difficult this is for you and even more so when terribly touch choices need to be made. Wishing you and your family peace and comfort and hope that you and Wicket will be reunited soon.

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