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So it has been awhile and I figure I should jump over to let everyone know whats going on in the world of Kim.

My time has been consumed by my little man Wicket and a major remodel here at the house…and then there is work. I haven’t created anything in some time now. Mainly because of the craziness going on in my house. I literally can’t get into the craft room at the moment due to most of my kitchen being stuffed into that room. Yes, the remodel is in the kitchen at the moment and before that was in the Master bedroom.
Wicket is doing awesome and is adjusting well. Once the house isn’t a disaster area we will be able to settle in a bit better. We have started going to a Little Dog play group that meets every Saturday and Sunday morning at a park downtown. He does awesome with other dogs so its a great way to keep him socialized and for a way for me to get back out into the world. I’m such a dang hermit that it’s a bit of social sock being around humans other than coworkers.
We even went to our Farmers Market today, mainly to see Gizmo, another little man that is still in rescue waiting to be adopted and then to the Pet Expo. Everyone loves Wicket, my man is a little rock star.

So that is about it, no real excitement. Although I can’t wait until my house is put back together!!

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