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I haven’t posted in awhile and thought I should take the couple of minutes to say I’m here, I breath of my own free will and I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Life seems to have swept up on me again, and at times it can be a real b@stard. The other issue is winter, I tend to shutdown and do just enough to get myself to work and to do necessary functions. I find myself camped on the couch staring at a TV that keeps me just enough away from the wintery reality to get through it, that is when I’m not doing necessary functions.

I ache to create again and have just started to find the actual desire. I decided I’m not going to beat myself up about it, mainly because it will make me create out of disappointment instead of sheer desire, and that never bodes well.

Other life news is that my Da’s cancer is back and it came back with a vengeance.  What the cancer doesn’t understand is, my family is full of fight, we will make it difficult for it to win the battle. Like I stated on Facebook last night, I will kick cancer right in the…Tumors.

On possible cheerful news… I put in a adoption application for an awesome dog. His name is Wicket and he is a rough coated Brussels Griffon. I have wanted a Griffy for years and years but never had the opportunity to adopt one. The opportunity has arisen and now I must wait to see if I’m the chosen one. Wicket was rescued from a hoarding situation that many many dogs were taken from. Many of the dogs are still in ‘custody’ with their rescuers, not able to be put up for adoption until the legalities are gone through, but a small group was allowed to be adopted out sooner. Although I say ‘custody’ I in no way mean they aren’t in a much better place than they had been. They are now getting the loving adoring attention that they need, desire and require.

Here is a picture of Wicket and his picture will link to the site for his rescue group. Everyone say a good word to the Universe that I can adopt this little guy!

2 Responses to “I’m alive!!!”

  • Sorry to hear you have the winter blahs! Here’s hoping the sun will shine on your face!
    And may you dad kick cancer’s arse! went through this with my dad about 5 years ago. So you have my sympathies and an ear if you need it.
    And may Wicket find comfort in your home!
    Be well and stay positive!

  • Thanks Ron!! Mr. Wicket is coming tomorrow night for a home visit and if all goes well he will be staying! Yea!!! I got to meet him yesterday and he slept in my lap for almost the whole visit. He is an awesome little man with a torrid past, which I won’t know all of until the trial/case is over.
    We hit the record yesterday for snowfall.. ugh. But the sun is out today, come on spring!!

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