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The Witch House was built in 1921 in Culver City, California and was designed by Hollywood art director Harry Oliver. It was moved to it’s present location in 1934, which is located on the corner of Walden Drive and Carmelita in Beverly Hills, California.

The Spadena House name received it’s name from it’s first residential owners but has always truly been known as the Witch House. The house is now owned by Michael Libow, which he purchased in 1998 and set to the renovations that you will see today. The renovations took some 10 years to complete.

This house receives over 3500 Trick or Treater’s every year for Halloween!!

Here are some photos of the house, starting with the oldest photos first.

Culver City 1921


Current photos

Here is a video of the inside (Can’t embed the link, click it instead)

The Witch House 2011

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