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Donate to Polar Pug & Friends rescue!! They are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that rescues Pugs and other small breed dogs.

Hello me darlin’s. There is nothing more disturbing as having to identify your friend or loved one from the morgue. Trying to recognize their special freckle, scar or tattoo through a mangled body. Not a pretty picture is it?
So why would you want to put your loved ones through this? Better yet, why would you expect them to bail you out of jail because you decided you were not that drunk or high and could drive. You come out of your stupor with not only a hangover but behind bars and labeled a murderer.

Drama queening over. My Birthday is Sunday, which is New Years and my wish is for you all to be safe and have a blast!!! Find your designated driver now, save up your cab fair or find out if they are offering free fares that evening. I wanna hear about your awesome times or quiet evenings at home with friends. Don’t blow it…. plan ahead! Most of all… watch out for all the idiots that think they aren’t too drunk to drive. Call them in if you see them on the roads.

Love you guys!

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