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Finally got back in the Skullery. I believe the dreams that I have been…delighted with, the last few nights are the push I needed. Gotta love the subconscious.
I have had the idea to create name plaques for my co-worker and I for a couple of years, but more recently came up with the idea to create a new door marker plaque as well. The more recent idea turned into, get all of them done at once. I surprised myself with how quickly I finished the door marker and jumped over to the name plaque’s, I had all the supplies out after all.

The Small Computer Support sign is computer parts with the exception of the lettering.  I wanted the letters to look like metal wire that was soldered together. Since I didn’t have any solder I needed to make them, poly clay did the trick. I hand rolled the clay, shaped and then used liquid Sculpey to mimic the soldering points.
The name plaques again are just computer parts and the letters are poly clay. I printed out two different fonts, laid it over rolled out poly clay and used an embossing tool to trace around the font lines. Removed the paper then used an Exact-o to cut out the fonts along the emboss line.

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