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I saw over on Dawn’s Wacky Whimsy site that she had won an Amazon gift card just by making a wish in the comments section of a blog she visited. How is this possible you say? Well it seems there is a bit of magic in the world after all. Don’t burst the bubble naysayers…it’s magic, plain and simple.  The Fairy Hobmother is paroozing the interwebs and randomly picking wish makers comments to give them Amazon gift cards.

How friggin cool is this!! So the Fairy Hobmother seems to be associated with Appliances Online and if this is a marketing tool… oh how I bow to your greatness. Totally awesome is all I can say.

So lets see if some commenter’s can win… post a comment and tell us what you wish for.

4 Responses to “Fairy Hobmother…”

  • I am going to comment on my own post, may seem cheaterish, but I’m not doing it to win but to send my Wish/Prayer out to the Universe.
    My Wish is for my Da and my Bear, I wish that Da beats the cancer he has been cursed with and lives a long long life. For my Bear I wish that he comes out of this back injury and has no side affects from it.

  • GIRL!!! Go put that comment on my page, PRONTO! I want to make sure that the Fairy gets a chance to see it! At least let him know you threw some free advertising his way!

    As for your wish, I can’t think of two better souls to be wishing for. You are an amazing person, so full of love, and I adore you for it 🙂


  • Everyone needs a little extra advertising! Especially when it’s free. I posted on your site too… now I have multiple wishes to the universe for my Da and Bear. On top of the Oodles of prayers.

  • Maria MonsterID Icon Maria:

    Thank you for this offer from the Fairy Hobmother!! Man I am really going out on a limb here, but I really need a new refrigerator and I was hoping that she could help…both the dh and I work but not much money left over for the big stuff…help!!

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