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The Chalkboard is finally finished and we got the tables mounted to the wall last weekend.
The magnetic Chalkboard still needs to have a wire hanger attached to the back, which I will be doing here shortly. The Skullery needs to be reorganized so I have better use of the tables, as you can see from the pictures. I have too much stuff!!!!

3 Responses to “Chalkboard and tables…”

  • Well, at least it’s too much COOL stuff! Glad to see that the magnetic paint really does work – I have not tried that yet, but might be brave enough now! Also, I do so love the tables! Happy Monday!!

  • I didn’t use magnetic paint. I read too many reviews that said it didn’t work. I used a sheet of galvanized metal instead. Was a bugger to get the paint smoothand had to do four coats to make sure it wouldn’t scratch off.

  • Looks great 🙂 And now you can write spine-tingling prose in large, looping letters to inspire you as you work.

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