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I started on the Chalkboard this weekend, that has been sitting for months. Awesome right? Well last week, while paroozing through Pinterest, I saw some craft rooms that I liked and it reminded me that I wanted to take the desk out of the craft room and put in a wall mounted work surface to make space.

My brain has been moving around the idea and I finally got the brilliant idea to take a kitchen table, cut it in half, and mount it to the wall. The two legs will support the front and then a 2 x 2, or whatever, will support it on the wall.
Awesome!! Now where do I find a kitchen table for cheap. When I say cheap, I’m talking under $50 bucks and the less the better.
I started watching Craigslist and found awesome decorative tables in the $100+ range. Noway can I afford that.  Today I check Craigslist before tackling the Chalkboard painting and Walla! Kitchen table, all wood, that was exactly what I was looking for. The best part? It was the type that has the built in leaf to extend the table. Which means it’s already cut down the middle!!! Wooo Hoooo!! Don’t have to cut it and try to get it straight, or take it to Da and Fama’s to do on the Table Saw. How much was it? $40 buckaroo’s and it came with two chairs. One chair is trash but the other is in good shape.

Here is what it looks like before it has been mounted in the craft room, which will have to wait until next weekend.

This is the table upside down so I can take off the leaf attachment.

Here is half of the table resting on the other half.

When mounted it should look something like this.

5 Responses to “Project turned into Projects…”

  • Cool!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! I bet Jaybo is hoping it doesnt go well at all, so he won’t be in fear for our kitchen table! LOL Awesome idea 🙂

  • Dave the Dead MonsterID Icon Dave the Dead:

    Functional, decorative, cheap….what’s not to like? I think this is a terrific idea.

    So whatcha gonna do with the other half and the fold out leaf? Do you have room for TWO wall-tables?

  • Loooove the Halloween goodness you featured earlier 😉

  • Dawn – All kitchen tables should fear us!!!

    Dave – I was going to put just one table up but I measured and both will fit the length of the wall. So both it is!

    Vanessa – Thanks!

  • What a great idea! I can’t wait to see the final result!

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