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I updated this here website’s header. Some of you may wonder what is going on, or that you like the other house better.

Here be the story… First of I found out that the house that I had used in the header was actually art done by an Etsy artist. I had found the picture online and when I found it there was no association to it being art and instead looked like clipart. Once I realized that it looked rather stolen, I set out to find a suitable house and instead made, from scratch, the house you now see on the site.

Reason number two… I will be opening a website called The Whimsy Attic for selling me art pieces and the occasional piece by my Mom. I wanted a tie in to Boo Spooky, so I decided to use the same house as the tie in. I’m still working on that website design…

Now the bummer… I ordered business cards for Boo Spooky and it has the old house on it. Heh! I think I will now order a new set of cards for The Whimsy Attic instead and put a note that states Boo Spooky as the blog. Or something….

Give me feedback on the new design. I take criticism well, so fire away.

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