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My driving desire to move from Alaska has reared it’s head again. Actually the desire never goes away it just fades as I deal with life and my loves (read: my family). My loves have finally showed signs of wanting to move to the same location that I have been newly interested in. That location? Vancouver’ish Washington.

Why Vancouver? Well my Da turned me on to it originally in telling me it was a neat place to live and close to lots to do. Although I worry about the rainy’ness of the whole area, I believe it will be tolerable coming from an Alaskan girl that is severely sick of the snow and darkness of the winters. Not only does the weather depress me, there is no real Halloween season. People attempt to decorate their yards and houses, have parties, go to Bars with their costume contests… and then there are the feeble haunted houses that we have here, with the exception of one, which is out in the Valley. Not to mention our seasons, our Fall lasts about 2 weeks, not to mention our Spring, we basically have winter and not winter.
Then we have the cost of everything up here. Shipping is through the roof and so is airfare, so not only are you stuck if you are on a tight budget, you can’t order things that may be cheaper online due to the shipping sending the total over the top.

So back to Vancouver… The one thing that really scares me is finding a job. We have talked about staying within commuting distance of Vancouver for that reason. Maybe I should back up a bit. We are looking for a 4+ bedroom house with at least 2 bathrooms, 3 car garage but 2 will do if it has a shop on the property. The shop part is extremely important to all of us. Dad and I want to use it as a shop and mom wants it so that we have all of our tools out of the way, heh! My dad loves working with his hands and needs a place he can spread stuff out and not have to worry about not having the car in the garage for the winter. I don’t have a garage or a shop, so its another factor in me wanting a new house.
If you haven’t guessed already, yes, I will be living with my parents. I’m 43 and single so until I become unsingle there shouldn’t be any issues with it…except I am use to being alone and need my ‘me’ space. It will help all of us financially and since they will both be retired by the time we are ready to move in, it should be a huge help. I should be able to save money, finally and they won’t have to tighten their belts as much. If I sound like I’m trying to make excuses or convince myself that living with them is a good idea… I am. I’ve lived on my own, by myself, for 10 years now and it is rather nice.

It will be a huge change and adjustment but I am more than ready and actually very excited. My parents? I believe they are still in the total dread phase of leaving Alaska, but I don’t understand their love of the place. Yeah the dividends are nice, the money that we get in a yearly check for being an Alaskan Resident, it’s roughly around $1000 a year. It’s free money but you have to pay taxes on it. ::: rolls eyes ::: I think we can save more money than that by being in the lower 48.

Vancouver… besides the house type/style we would also like 3+ acres. I don’t think we need over 20 acres unless it is treed and we don’t have to mow a field. We would like to buy 40 acres and subdivide it for 3 plots. One for the Parental Units, one for the brother and one for me. The 40 acre thing will have to wait I think. We are all relying on the sale of our homes, three total, to be able to buy our homes down there. Having said the plot size, yes, that puts us out of the city and into a rural area. Battle Ground is one area I have been heavily searching. Clark County property taxes are a bit high but with that comes better utility’s, roads, fire coverage, etc.

::: Sigh ::: I’m rambling. Wee bit on the tired side so forgive the blathering. I miss this blogging thing and haven’t done much spooky searching on the interwebs in awhile, so I haven’t had much to post about.

The short of it… if any readers know the area please give me your input. I have lived in Alaska my whole adult life and most of my childhood (I was born here but left for about 7 years)Ā  and because of that I’m oblivious to some things the lower 48 is quite used to. Examples: Fleas, Termites, Snakes, poisonous Spiders, Ants,Racoons, coyotes, and on and on… We just worry about Moose and Bears in the city, we don’t even have to worry about our mosquito’s having West Nile.

Help a girl out and give me some advice about Southwestern Washington.

If you would rather email me than list out a long comment, email is: boospooky dot com AT gmail dot com (yes my website boospooky.com is part of the email address, it totally freaks out the spam bots)

8 Responses to “The want to move continues…”

  • Vancouver’s a good place to live. You should be able to find a place that meets your needs. IMHO, Vancouver will seem more familiar to an Alaskan than Portland would. Fleas and ants yes. Termites no, but we do have carpenter ants. Snakes yes, but they’re harmless. Poisonous snakes are, generally, about 100 miles away East of the Cascades. Poisonous spiders are exceedingly rare. Raccoons, possums, coyotes, and deer – definitely (we lose half our garden each year to one of the above). No West Nile yet AFAIK. Funny you mention bears… we’ve had more problems with them this year than any time I can remember (2 in Vancouver and one in Portland). On the good side they’re black bears (non-aggressive).

    As far as Halloween goes, about 50% of them are really wet. It is part of the rainy season.

  • I forgot to ask about snow. I’ve looked at the websites that tell the averages but sometimes they are a bit off. How much snow do they get?

    We have Carpenter Ants, but that’s good about termites. Blacks bears I can tolerate, along with the other critters you mentioned. Well… possums might freak me out a bit at first. I will probably be ok with the wet Halloween’s, if I live in a rural area I doubt there will be many TOT’s coming around, so decorating for them is no biggy. When it’s 20 to 30 degrees and blowing wind taking it down even more, then add snow… it really sucks. There are Pro haunts down there that can appease my need, plus the Davis Graveyard!! We only have one Pro haunt and Michelle is an hour away, if the roads aren’t crappy.

    My other want to leave here is due to the lack of Halloween Freaks. There are some out there but they are hard to find and most are into the Foo Foo cutesy Halloween stuff.

  • Can’t help you a’tall, but I CAN say that the thought of you moving to Washington state is very exciting to me, because the odds of ever getting to MEET you increase dramatically! (Or at least they do in MY head, LOL) See, then you would be close(ish) to Frog Queen, and I can see winning the lottery and flying up there just to round up my two Haunt Twins, and heading out for a drink! Yay for Pacific Northwest!!! šŸ˜€

  • 1-5 days of snow a year with very little accumulation. The bad part is we also get silver-thaws where everything is coated with ice. This makes both driving and walking really hazardous. Off the top of my head, I’d say it’s about as common as the snow.

    Lastly, Vancouver is fairly close to Mount St Helens. In 1980, the PDX area got a good dusting of ash from the mountain (bad for cars & hard to breathe). Wenatche (opposite side of the mountain) had snow drifts of ash! All depends on which way the wind blows. That time most of the flooding was to the west and north of the mountain, Vancouver is to the south.

    Clark County (Vancouver) is more rural than Multnomah county (Portland). East of Clark is Skamania Co, which is still more rural. The good part is it isn’t too hard to commute from the sticks into the metro area where tech jobs are more common.

  • Dawn – I know!!! I want to move to America (yes I know we are suppose to be part of it but technically we aren’t attached by land)so I can meet you, Chris, and a bunch of the Haunt community! I get all giddy thinking about it.

    Dan – Your giving me awesome info!! But I have more questions… What about Ticks and other little bugs that are out in the wild? I know I will have to dose my dogs but what about us humans? We don’t have Ticks, Chiggers or Red Bugs up here, only mosquito’s are the blood suckers here.
    I think I can handle that amount of snow, heh! Much better than waking up to 4ft of snow that came over night or 2ft with drifts because it got windy. Which reminds me…wind. Is wind a constant in that area because of the Cascades verse’s the ocean? Where I live now is constantly windy, but I live roughly 2 miles from the Inlet (ocean) and it creates a constant breeze to about 5mph winds.

    We are planning on coming down to look around but don’t know when yet. My Da having Chemo is the main priority and he may fly out to Houston TX for some different opinions. Maybe we could make it down there this Fall.

  • The funny part about snow in Oregon and Washington is how poorly the drivers deal with it. Two inches of snow is enough to shut down a city!

    We do have ticks – but they aren’t very common on this side of the Cascades. I’ve heard of chiggers, but never seen one. Redbugs==bedbugs? If so, they’re making a resurgence everywhere – but I haven’t had the “pleasure”.

    We definitely get wind. It gets worse the closer you get to the Columbia Gorge. Very gusty – 50mph and higher. Worst in the winter. I’ve been in the Gorge at times when the wind in the trees sounded like a jet engine!

  • Funny that even longtime Alaskan’s can turn to idiots during the first snow fall. I have a 4 wheel drive truck that I keep studs on in the winter, which helps immensely. I can imagine though, 4 wheel drive without studs could be a bit hairy.

    Redbugs are similar to Chiggers. We had them down in Alabama, wasn’t sure if they would be in a cooler humid climate or not.

    Thanks muchly for all the info!!

  • A couple years ago we had (maybe) four inches and people were abandoning cars in the street! šŸ™‚

    My pleasure! Hope things work out well for you.

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