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Some may have already read by idea about having a Haunter Community type place to dwell. The basic idea is to have a large place, say 100 acres of land, for a community of Haunters and Artists to live that won’t be bothered by others of non-like mind. Simple idea really, there are many factors that would have to be worked out of course, but since this is my dream/idea I will bypass all of the legalese stuff because it’s, well….boring.

So my new idea incorporates my love of abandoned buildings. I have always wanted to live in an old church, warehouse, school or old place that is open and has history. Wanting to find something to blog about I decided to go in search of abandoned building photos. I swoon when I see peeling and chipping paint and rust… oh rust how I love the. A quick brain roll-a-dex scan and I remembered that Detroit is suffering greatly with the amount of abandoned buildings, they seem to be everywhere. Off to Ghougle and wala, I find a fabulous website that is about just abandoned buildings in Detroit.  I was frigging giddy looking through these photos.

The site is Detroiturbex.com

How the idea formed then on to some show and tell. While looking at these photo’s, on break at work (ahem), I kept showing my co-worker how large and gorgeous some of these places are and how multiple families could live there. I mentioned the people from Japan being able to live in a few, until things get worked out for them and BOOM, idea. What do you think of privately owning a whole High School for nothing but Prop making, Haunt building, etc., etc., etc.? Parts could even be built has apartments for visiting builders/artists, or anyone wanting to live on grounds.

Now remember… even though the chipping, peeling, rustiness makes my heart aflutter, I know we would have to go and make the buildings inhabitable. Please don’t mention asbestos, I’m totally aware of all of the dangers… this is my dream and don’t want to be bothered with reality.

The photos from this website I’m about to show you are vast and I HIGHLY recommend you looking through all of them. The person is anonymous because what they do is, after all, illegal.  :::Gasp::: yes I am showing you something that was done outside of the law! Don’t tell my co-workers, ahem.

The website : http://detroiturbex.com/index.html if you wanted to be kept updated on what new photos the site has to offer, I suggest you use this link for your Readers/RSS  http://detroiturbex.com/updates/

What I’m about to show you can be found in this section of the website http://detroiturbex.com/content/schools/cass/index.html. For some reason this page is different than all of the others, not sure why, but if you mouse over the word Today below the photo, then click the photo, it will take you into the photo viewer for this school (or click here).
If you want to see some seriously awesome Now and Then photo’s, go to the same Cass link above but mouse over the Now and Then button, then click on the photo.

The school is the Cass Technical High School, and for a goosebump moment… I was just looking at Wiki to get some info about it’s closure, etc. and as of yesterday
March 23, 2011 (which is when I found the photos) they started demolition on the building. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cass_Technical_High_School#When_the_old_Cass_Tech_was_new

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